The Four Symbols Secret Skills are a set of 4 secret skills created when Qing Xuantian separated the four divine beasts from his original Four Symbols Divine Power Divine Body and abandoned them.

Initially, the Four Symbols Secret Skills are integral part of Qing Xuantian and are not separated as how they currently are. After Qing Xuantian reached a high enough realm of cultivation, he was able to separate each of the Four Symbol from his body. After each of the Divine Beast was separated from his body entirely, they followed him and moved about with their own sentience like pets. Later on, Qing Xuantian abandoned the Four Symbols Divine Power resulting in the four divine beasts becoming four secret skills. When Qing Xuantian abandoned them, he sealed each of the secret skill in the four entrances of his Emperor Tomb in Azure Province, one secret skill in each entrance.

Each secret skill retained its original form and ability it had when it was a divine body though not as powerful when they were the Four Symbols Divine Body. When brought together and used by one master they compliment and boost each others power. They can also be combined to create powerful slaughtering and/or sealing formations. It has been stated that with the aid of certain individuals it is possible to transform the secret skills back to the Four Symbols Divine Body.By chapter 3735 the Four Symbols Secret Skills have been transformed back into the Four Symbols Divine Body and fused with Chu Feng.

4 Symbols Secret Skills

  • White Tiger Slaughtering Technique - Offense
  • Black Tortoise Armor Technique - Defense
  • Azure Dragon Dashing Technique - Movement
  • Vermilion Bird Revival Technique - Healing
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