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The Ancestral Martial Starfield is said to be the birthplace of the creator of Martial Cultivation, the Fate Primogenitor. It was also the first place where Martial Cultivation was started and spread. After many many years, the Ancestral Martial Starfield became the weakest of all starfields in the Holy Light Galaxy, and possibly in the entire starry sky.

Although the Starfield has long since fallen from grace, it has given birth to multiple hidden experts whose power can easily establish them as powerhouses in the entire starry sky, such as Chu Xuanyuan.

The rulers of the Ancestral Martial Starfield reside in a domain known as the Starfield Master Realm, which was formerly controlled by the Wuming Clan, before they were usurped by the Linghu Heavenly Clan, and finally, the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Battle Prowess[]

Despite being known as the weakest of all starfields, the Ancestral Martial Starfield possesses a hidden expert known as Long Daozhi, whose cultivation base is 6th Rank Utmost Exalted, putting him above all the other Abandoned Starfields and on even grounds with some of the weaker Lower Starfields.

The average powerhouse in the Ancestral Martial Starfield possesses a cultivation of around 5th to 9th Rank Exalted, which is the level of the leaders of most of the powers that rule its Upper Realms. Utmost Exalted cultivators are extremely rare, and the few that have reached it are famous throughout the Starfield.

Notable Powerhouses


The Ancestral Martial Starfield contains 232 Upper Realms, 3668 Ordinary Realms, and 103,226 Lower Realms (Chp 3109).


Upper Realms[]

Ordinary Realms[]

Lower Realms[]


Ten Heavenly Clans[]

  1. Linghu Heavenly Clan(Split into two separate factions, with most of its experts leaving with Linghu Zhishi to the All Heavens Starfield)
  2. Tantai Heavenly Clan(No longer exists, Nearly all its members massacred by the Black-Feathered Specter)
  3. Jiaoli Heavenly Clan
  4. Moyi Heavenly Clan
  5. Shangfang Heavenly Clan
  6. Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan (AMS)
  7. Wuma Heavenly Clan(Branch Clan)
  8. Puyang Heavenly Clan
  9. Tang Heavenly Clan
  10. Li Heavenly Clan

Three Clans[]

  1. Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan
  2. Nightmare Spirit Clan
  3. Heaven-reaching Beast Clan

Three Cities[]

  1. Monstrous Holy City
  2. Divine Body Royal City
  3. Ancestral Martial Dragon City

Saint Cloak World Spiritists[]

  1. Grandmaster Liangqiu (Saint Cloak - Dragon Mark)
  2. Saintly Stellar Monk (Saint Cloak - Snake Mark)
  3. White Dragon Demon Daoist (Saint Cloak - Snake Mark)
  4. Liangqiu Chengfeng (Saint Cloak - Snake Mark)
  5. Wuming Xingyun (Saint Cloak - Snake Mark)
  6. Queen Mother Fox Immortal (Saint Cloak - Snake Mark)
  7. Grandmaster Longxuan (Saint Cloak - Snake Mark)
  8. Ox-Nosed Old Daoist (Saint Cloak - Dragon Mark - 5th Rank Dragon Transformation Sensation)
  9. Chu Feng (Saint Cloak - Dragon Mark - 3rd Rank Dragon Transformation Sensation)

Three Great Eccentrics’ Remnants[]

No Location Treasures Retrieved
1 Nine Dragons Upper Realm, the Ice Summit Nine Dragons Saint Cloak Chu Feng
2 Sealcalm Upper Realm, the Netherseal Cave Netherworld Chariot
3 Lonesome Upper Realm, the Mirror Sea Battle God Halberd Chu Feng

Ancestral Martial Decastars[]

The 10 strongest members of the younger generation decided through competition.


  1. Chu Feng (Chu Heavenly Clan) - 7th Rank Martial Immortal - Saint Cloak Insect Mark
  2. Linghu Hongfei (Linghu Heavenly Clan) -
  3. Wuma Shengjie (Wuma Heavenly Clan) - 7th Rank Martial Immortal - Exalted Cloak Snake Mark
  4. Linghu Yueyue (Linghu Heavenly Clan) - 7th Rank Martial Immortal
  5. Tantai Xing'er (Tantai Heavenly Clan) - 6th Rank Martial Immortal - Exalted Cloak Snake Mark
  6. Linghu Mingye (Linghu Heavenly Clan) - 2nd Rank Martial Immortal
  7. Linghu Lun (Linghu Heavenly Clan) - 1st Rank Martial Immortal
  8. Mengyan Wushuang (Nightmare Spirit Clan) - 9th Rank Heavenly Immortal
  9. Tongtian Yuanming (Heaven-reaching Beast Clan) - 9th Rank Heavenly Immortal
  10. Tang Zhenghao (Tang Heavenly Clan) - 8th Rank Heavenly Immortal
  11. Linghu Tiemian (Linghu Heavenly Clan) - 6th Rank Martial Immortal (Later stripped of his rank and banned from the competition)


  1. Linghu Hongfei (Linghu Heavenly Clan)
  2. Linghu Yueyue (Linghu Heavenly Clan)
  3. Linghu Tiemian (Linghu Heavenly Clan)
  4. Tantai Xing'er (Tantai Heavenly Clan)
  5. Linghu Mingye (Linghu Heavenly Clan)
  6. Linghu Lun (Linghu Heavenly Clan)
  7. Mengyan Wushuang (Nightmare Spirit Clan)
  8. Tongtian Yuanming (Heaven-reaching Beast Clan)
  9. Tang Zhenghao (Tang Heavenly Clan)
  10. Li Anzhi (Li Heavenly Clan)