Martial God Asura Wikia

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Martial God Asura Wikia

These are world spirits from the Asura Spirit World.

Asura spirits are the strongest and most powerful spirits within the seven spirit worlds. It is said that world spiritists who can make a contract with one or more Asura world spirits have the greatest potential and are dragons among men.

Only Chu Feng has made a contract with the Asura spirit world in the entire Eastern Sea Region. Asura World Spirits are so rare that most people think that they are only legends.

Known Contractors[]

  1. Chu Feng
  2. Zhao Kun
  3. Yue Yang
  4. Gongsun Yuntian
  5. Lord Slaughter King

Known Asura World Spirits[]

  1. Eggy
  2. Xue Ji
  3. Yu Sha
  4. Yan Xiao
  5. Kui Ting
  6. Brightsun
  7. Yaoyao
  8. Yunliang
  9. Xiang Ji
  10. Rest of Asura army