Martial God Asura Wikia

Pre Novel (Background)[]

He was the person who shock the Nine Provinces Continent thousand years ago. He is the founder of the Azure Dragon School.

Chu Feng first met him inside the entrance of the Emperor Tomb's entrance.


He looked like an amiable old man. He wore an azure-colored robe, held a strange but special fly-whisk, and faint light flickered around his body.

 Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter
9th Level Heaven Realm 20
1st Rank Martial Lord 540

World Spiritist Cultivation[]

Spirit Power Chapter
Purple Cloak


Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity[]


Appearance on chapter 20, but not identified.

Volume 2 - Sweeping Through the Nine Provinces[]

Thousand Bone Graveyard (265–270)[]

He appeared behind Chu Feng when he entered the Thousand Bone Graveyard and praised his cultivation speed. He spoke about the Emperor Tomb and that apart from the bones outside there were remains of Heaven realm experts deeper inside the tomb. He had prepared an Essence Pool as a present for Chu Feng and was shocked at the speed that Chu Feng broke through. He gave his thoughts on Chu Feng's special body and told him why he had not disappeared after all this time. He also told Chu Feng the true purpose of bringing him there. He asked Chu Feng to help revive him and for that he needs a Purple Cloak World Spiritist. He gave Chu Feng a high-level Mysterious Technique and also promised him that he would pass on to him a top-class martial skill and a Secret Skill as well.

Volume 3 - Eastern Sea Region[]

As Chu Feng requested, the Monster Monkey King, a Purple Cloak Spiritualist, revives him just in time for him to defend the Jiang Dynasty against the invasion from three other Dynasties. After the battle is over Chu Feng visits the Emperor's Tomb again, before returning to the Azure Dragon School just in time for the school's reopening ceremony, wherein he keeps his promise and removes the Azure Dragon Secret Skill from his body to give it to Chu Feng.