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Bloodlines are special innate abilities belonging to certain clans and races. Bloodlines, like a Divine Body, inherently give its users advantages that normal people do not possess. But unlike Divine Bodies that are bestowed by the heavens, Bloodlines are passed down by ones parents.

During the early stages of ones cultivation Bloodlines play a large role, as one does not need to contemplate Martial Comprehension to advance to the next level, but simply requires sufficient Natural Energies of the World. In this way, someone who possesses a Bloodline would never meet a bottleneck during the early stages of their cultivation. This is both a blessing and a curse, as without large amounts of cultivation resources that possess abundant Natural Energies of the World it would be impossible for their cultivation to advance.

In the vast Martial Cultivation World there are mainly 2 types of Bloodlines, accompanied by many rarer bloodlines:

  • Martial Bloodlines
  • World Spiritist Bloodline

Martial Bloodlines[]

These are Bloodlines that are closely related to ones Martial Power on the path of cultivation. There are many types of Martial Bloodlines throughout the series and each have their own characteristics. All of these Bloodlines have differences in their strength and degree of help they provide the user on their path of cultivation. How far you can go in the path of Martial Cultivation is hugely impacted by how powerful your Bloodline is. Even within the different types of Martial Bloodlines there are differences in strength, as those who possess a higher Bloodline Purity also possess stronger talent. Some of the known Martial Bloodlines are:

Human Bloodlines:[]

Royal Bloodline[]

The Royal Bloodline Mark

The first Bloodline presented was known as the Royal Bloodline. This type of Bloodline can be found in the Nine Provinces Continent in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm. It is the weakest of all Martial Bloodlines shown throughout the series. It is unknown how far it can take one on the path of Martial Cultivation but it can be assumed the limit is Heaven Realm, as no owner of this Bloodline has been shown to have reached the Martial Lord Realm. The Jiang Dynasty are the only known possessors of this Bloodline in the Nine Provinces Continent, although there are more Dynasties shown to also possess the Bloodline who live on lands around the continent. Jiang Wushang was said to possess the purest Royal Bloodline within the clan and had the best chance of having his Bloodline upgraded to the Imperial Level. When this Bloodline is activated it can be identified because a "Royal" character will appear on the users forehead. Clans in possession of this Bloodline are called Royal Clans.

Imperial Bloodline[]

If the purity of ones Royal Bloodline reaches the peak then the Bloodline will evolve into an Imperial Bloodline. This Bloodline is much stronger than the Royal Bloodline and gives its users much more benefits. This Bloodline is most commonly found in the Holy Land of Martialism's Overlord Domain. Clans in possession of this Bloodline are called Imperial Clans and possess a high status in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm. Examples of those possessing Imperial Bloodlines are the Four Imperial Clans of the Overlord Domain. Jiang Wushang during his time in the Eastern Sea Region was bestowed an Imperial Bloodline that evolved his Royal Bloodline, although the Bloodline was not very pure. Later he was bestowed an even purer Imperial Bloodline by Duan Jidao, this pure Bloodline is a legacy originally belonging to one of the Overlords of the Holy Land of Martialism, Emperor Huang. Martial Emperor is the absolute limit for this Bloodline, as no one has gone beyond the Realm, not even the greatest user of the Bloodline Emperor Huang.

Heavenly Bloodline[]

The Heavenly Lightning Bloodline is one of the strongest Martial Bloodlines in the entire Martial Cultivation World. It can only be found within clans in the Upper Realms because it is impossible to cultivate this Bloodline in the Lower and Ordinary Realms. The demands of this Bloodline are terrifying, but in return the benefits gained by the user are enormous. Clans who possess this Bloodline are called Heavenly Clans and there are many such clans spread out in the starry sky. Every Heavenly Bloodline Possessor is able to easily reach Martial Emperor Realm, but a special Mysterious Technique will be needed to continue to improve. This Mysterious Technique is called the Self Punishment Mysterious Arts, and cultivating it will begin to limit the potential of the Bloodline. However as one's cultivation base increases they will continue to excavate this hidden potential once more. The differences between users of this Bloodline is much more obvious compared to previously mentioned Bloodlines. Those with extremely pure Heavenly Bloodlines (Chu Hanxian, Chu Xuanyuan and Chu Feng) are able to excavate more of their Bloodlines Potential than what is possible for others. Those whose Bloodline Purity are high and are able to cultivate the Bloodline to its peak are able to become unmatched experts in the starry sky. Cultivators with extremely high bloodline talent might experience their bloodline going berserk.

Monstrous Beast Bloodlines:[]

Monstrous Beasts, like humans, possess their own special inherited Bloodlines that are passed down. Not much is known about Monstrous Beasts and their inherited Bloodlines.

Dragon Bloodline[]

Dragon Bloodline is the innate inherited Bloodline of those who belong to the Totem Dragon Clan in the Totem Galaxy. It is one of the strongest Martial Bloodlines in the Martial World and is the human Bloodline that closely resembles that of a Divine Dragon. It is still unknown what abilities this Bloodline grants its user, but it has been said that the strength of the Bloodline is extremely tyrannical so it is expected to be very powerful. The Dragon Clan in the Holy Light Galaxy also possess the Dragon Bloodline, albeit an impure version. The Dragon Clan was a weak and discarded branch of the Totem Dragon Clan before they decided to migrate to the Holy Light Galaxy and became a powerful clan. This is a testament to how powerful the Dragon Bloodline if a weak and discarded branch with an impure Bloodline can become a powerful clan in another Galaxy. Long Xiaoxiao, with the help of Chu Feng and Ox-Nosed Old Daoist, was able to fuse and assimilate with the bones and essence power of a dead True Dragon, completely changing the Purity of her Bloodline. During the fusing process she grew two dragon horns on her forehead, a physical change that shows the Purity of ones Bloodline to be high.

Immortal Sea Fish Bloodline[]

The Immortal Sea Fish Bloodline is the innate Bloodline belonging to the Immortal Sea Fish Clan, who are the Overlords of the Immortal Sea Galaxy. This is an extremely powerful Martial Bloodline that can likely only be matched by a pure Dragon Bloodline and a pure Heavenly Lightning Bloodline. Like the Dragon Bloodline, not much is known of this Bloodline except it has allowed the Immortal Sea Fish Clan to continue to rule over their Galaxy since the beginning of the Modern Era. The Immortal Sea Fish Bloodline makes the Immortal Sea Fish Clan one of the strongest powers in the entire Martial Cultivation World that few dare to offend. Xianhai Shaoyu is said to have a very pure Bloodline that has not been seen for generations in the clan, the purity of his Bloodline only surpassed by that of his younger sister, Xianhai Yu.

World Spiritist Bloodlines[]

Like Martial Cultivators, World Spiritists also possess innate Bloodlines that help enhance their spirit power and abilities. For those who aspire to be a World Spiritist, having a powerful Bloodline is completely necessary, as without possessing a Bloodline one's journey as a World Spiritist is essentially cut off. In a place like the Holy Light Galaxy that possesses a large number of World Spiritists, only a few are able to step foot into the Dragon Mark Saint Cloak - Dragon Transformation Sensation, this is either because one's World Spiritist Bloodline is not strong enough or that they do not possess a World Spiritist Bloodline in the first place. Meaning they can never again progress in the way of a World Spiritist. Seven Realms Galaxy has the largest congregation of World Spiritists in the starry sky and everyone there is a powerful World Spiritist with powerful Bloodlines. As at this point, only one World Spiritist Bloodline has been mentioned, and it is the most powerful of all such Bloodlines and is in possession of only 2 people in the entire starry sky.

As of Chapter 4601, the shape, form and means of distinguishing the Bloodline of a World Spiritist have been revealed. The Bloodline takes the form of a cloud of spirit power containing several different colors, the number of colors in the cloud signify the strength of the Bloodline. The colors are divided into 5 namely; White, Grey, Blue, Purple and Gold, which are the colors of the spirit power. It is unknown whether there are more colors, but Chu Feng who inherited the Ruler's Bloodline, which is said to be by far the strongest Bloodline of the Modern era, displayed 5 colors.

Color Significance[]

This section displays the levels/colors and what each one signifies.

  • White -
  • Grey -
  • Blue -
  • Purple -
  • Gold -

Ruler's Bloodline:[]

The Ruler's Bloodline is the most powerful and most majestic World Spiritist Bloodline in the entire starry sky. The only one known to be in possession of this Bloodline is Jie Ranqing, who is the mother of Chu Feng. Chu Feng also inherited this Bloodline from his mother but it was sealed by Jie Ranqing during his birth so as to not draw the attention of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion to him. The power of this Bloodline is said to be so tyrannical that even powerful members of the older generation were frightened from only the release of pure spirit power. This Bloodline also allows the user to have contracts with all 7 spirit worlds, which is something impossible for others to accomplish. This Bloodline also allows the user to force open a door into the spirit world and forcibly take away any of the world spirits residing there.

World Spirit Bloodlines[]

Noble Bloodline:[]

Like Humans and Monstrous Beasts, World Spirits also possess Bloodlines. Eggy (Milady Queen) is one such example of a World Spirit possessing a bloodline. The 8 giant World Spirits of the Beast Spirit World which the Monstrous Monkey King summoned to eat Jie Shi, the Jie Clan & their allies in Chapter 472 all world spirits with Noble Bloodlines.

There has yet to be any information provided as to if Noble Bloodlines are like Inherited Bloodlines, being passed down from generation-to-generation and ranked, or similar to Special Bloodlines.

Eggy and the 8 unnamed beast world spirits are said to have Noble Bloodlines, and are considered Nobility among World Spirits. Their noble bloodlines make them stronger than normal world spirits of the same spirit world, much like humans and monstrous beasts with bloodlines being stronger than normal cultivators.

It is hinted that, like humans and monstrous beasts with bloodlines, world spirits with bloodlines also need dramatically increasing cultivation resources to progress in cultivation rank. However, as world spirits refine source energy from living beings and unrefined corpses, acquisition of cultivation resources is less problematic for world spirits.

Special Bloodlines[]

The origin of Special Bloodlines have yet to be explained fully. Special bloodlines are not necessarily passed down through reproduction, but can somehow be granted. This remains an unexplained mystery at this time. Monstrous Beasts tend to have Special Bloodlines, and can be granted to other Monstrous Beasts, even those of vastly different species. (The Monstrous Monkey King explains that he granted his special bloodline to his 5 disciples, the 5 Monster Kings of Thousand Monster Mountain).

Like Noble Bloodlines, those with Special Bloodlines will also have achievements in martial cultivation that is superior to normal cultivators. Special Bloodlines appear to be similar to Divine Bodies in that each Special Bloodline has a unique power that must be comprehended to use.

Mysterious Bloodline:[]

When an ordinary person cultivates a mysterious technique, they undergo normally a lot of very painful side effect or have bans. But a holder of a Bloodline Mysterious can cultivate a mysterious specific technique in his Bloodline without side effects or ban. This type of bloodline, contrary to others has no rank and is to be classified according to the Mysterious technique which one is bound to. Thus both points the most important to estimate the row of a mysterious one Bloodline is the power supplied by the mysterious technique in every breakthrough and the row that a Cultivator can achieve thanks to this technique. (Ex: Zhang Tianyi)


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