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The Burning Heaven Church was a large sect which is located in the Eastern Sea Region. Ten years prior to Chu Feng starting confrontations in the Eastern Sea Region, the sect decided to migrate to the Holy Land of Martialism. Only Huangfu Haoyue survived.

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  • Arctic Killing Formation[1]: Incredibly large air and ground trap defense mechanisms which even Martial Kings are deterred.
  • Large-Scale Spiritual Formation: A pocket dimension which grows rare plants and oddities.

Spoilers [2] Edit

The Burning Heaven Church migrated across the holy road to the Holy Land of Martialism, but was annihilated by waves of monsters. Only Huangfu Haoyue survived by retreating and entering an Imperial Tomb. Chu Feng's father entrusted Haoyue to protect his baby child, Chu Feng.

Background Edit

It is said that the Pope of the Burning Heaven Church was just slightly weaker than the Sect Master of the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

The Holy Son of the Burning Heaven Church, Huangfu Haoyue actually fought the Sect Master to a tie after a battle of three days and three nights.

Ultimately the Burning Heaven Church's deeds exist even ten years after their disappearance, which is unknown to some of the cultivators of the Eastern Sea Region.

Qiushui Fuyan was spared of this tragedy because she was ultimately held back by her mother Lady Piaomiao.

References Edit

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