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Pre Novel []

Originally the Chu Family was the overlord of the Leaning Mountain Town, as they had control over the circumference of dozens of miles of land and resources. Chu Feng was adopted by Chu Family.[1]


Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity[]

Chu Family Competition[]

Chu Nanshan is the 6th uncle.

They are moved by Chu Feng to another place. Only later known as Kaoshan Town and resurrect his family on Purple Gold City.[2]

Volume 5 - Battle of the Overlord Domain 

Chu Feng returned to the Nine Provences after the battle with Ying Chong. His first attempt to resurrect his adopted relatives ended up in a failure. After meeting his biological father, his father gave Chu Feng A spiritual formation that could resurrect his adopted family. He returns to the Golden City and successfully resurrects his adopted family (ch2147).