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Chu Feng is the main protagonist of the novel Martial God Asura. He is a member of the Chu Heavenly Clan of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm located in Ancestral Martial Starfield of the Holy Light Galaxy.

Struggling for resources, Chu Feng's adventures bring him all over the Starry Sky. He meets new people, unfolds secrets and faces events that will push him into a path of endless fighting, tragedy and unending revelations.


Like every other bloodline inheritor of the Chu Heavenly Clan, he has black hair[7].



Chu Feng after being struck by the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline at the age of 10

As a child, being an adopted son of Chu Yuan, he was never really accepted by the members of the Chu Family. Because of this status, the members of the younger generation of the Chu Family would often assault and harass him. Only his adoptive brother, Chu Guyu, and his adoptive cousin, Chu Yue, would treat him kindly as a part of the family.

At age 10, Chu Feng enrolled in the Azure Dragon School. A month later, Chu Feng was struck by a Divine Lightning which infused the 9 Colored Lightning into his Dantian. Due to this, his cultivation advanced slowly and even came to a halt as it now required him monstrous amounts of Cultivation Resources.


  • Chu Feng doesn't like girls who have seductive attributes[8]
  • He is very skilled in torture as he made Shangguang Yu and Shangguang Yunyue mentally and physically scarred[9][10]
  • Chu Feng's goal in his life is to protect his loved ones, find his mother.
  • Chu Feng is unware of his father's or mother's true strength.
  • Chu Feng was able to meet half God and True God Cultivators at a young age, which most people at his level are not able to.




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