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Chu Feng's bloodline is a combination of two powerful ones. The Martial Bloodline of the Chu Heavenly Clan from his father and the Ruler's Bloodline from his mother. As a result Chu Feng is extremely talented in both Martial Arts and World Spiritist Techniques.

Martial Bloodline - Heavenly Lightning Bloodline

Main article: Heavenly Lightning Bloodline

The Heavenly Lightning Bloodline amplifies Chu Feng's cultivation by 1 rank with each Divine Lightning Beast that he activates. He can activate them at will, one or more at a time, and keep the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline cultivation increase active for as long or as short as he desires. Once Chu Feng stepped beyond the first realm of cultivation, the Spiritual Realm, and into the second realm, the Origin Realm, one of the Divine Lightning Beasts would merge with his blood with each realm break-through. This continued up to Martial Ancestor.

The peculiarity of the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline and Chu Feng's heaven defying battle power has mislead numerous individuals to suspect him of having a Divine Body. Eggy, Zi Ling, and the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique are all experienced in understanding Divine Bodies, yet still mistakenly identify the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline at first. It is later suggested by Zi Ling[1] that Chu Feng's Heavenly Lightning Bloodline may be a supreme Special Bloodline that he has inherited.

Chu Feng ascended to the 10th level of the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps. His Heavenly Lightning Bloodline is so tyrannical that even the purple star natural oddity (Wen Xue, who initially disdained heaven ranked bloodlines as trivial) called them nine lightning beasts and was forced to flee by sacrificing it’s soul body (stored in Chu Feng’s first dantian). Chu Feng also opened the 8th stage of bloodline testing formation within the Bloodline Altar (permanently opening the Bloodline Testing Formation).

Since Chu Feng's bloodline has the ability to go berserk, it symbolizes that his bloodline is extremely pure and that he has unrivaled martial talent. Chu Feng along with Xianhai Shaoyu fully absorbed the special bloodline strengthening power of the mysterious black box created by a top powerhouse during the ancient era. This special power helps to strengthen ones soul and bloodline thereby further raising their talents. It can be said that Chu Feng's already astonishing talent grew even further.

Realm & Lightning Rank Increases
Realm Innate HDBP Temporary Increase Thunder Mark Thunder Armor Thunder Wings Divine Body Notes
Spirit Realm +1 - - - - - -
Origin Realm +3 +1 - - - - -
Profound Realm +3 +2 - - - - -
Heaven Realm +3 +3 - - - - -
Martial Lord +3 +1 - Yes - - -
Martial King +3 +2 - Yes Yes - -
Half Martial Emperor +4 +2 - Yes Yes - -
Martial Emperor +5 +2 - Yes Yes - Everyone has +3
Half Martial Ancestor +6 +2 - Yes Yes - Everyone has +3
Martial Ancestor +7 +3 Yes Yes Yes - Everyone has +3
True Immortal +0 +1 Yes No No - Due to the bamboo slips Chu Feng can easily contend against people of same cultivation as he gained advantage in understanding skills
Heavenly Immortal +0 +1 Yes No No - -
Martial Immortal +0 +2 Yes Yes No - Unseals the Thunder Armor with the help of the Divine Punishment Mysterious Art
Exalted +0 +3 Yes Yes No Yes Manifests the 1st Stage of the Divine Lightning Affliction
Utmost Exalted +0 +3 Yes Yes No Yes Manifests the 2nd stage of the Divine Lightning Affliction
Martial Exalted +0 +3 Yes Yes No Yes -
Half-God - - - - - - -
True God - - - - - - -

The bloodline he received from his father is extremely powerful and allows him to create a "Divine Thunder Mark" after reaching Martial Ancestor Realm since he cultivated the Divine Punishment Mysterious Art. When Chu Feng promoted from Martial Ancestor peak realm to 1st rank True Immortal, his bloodline abilities were sealed. Normally, a genius can unseal it and reactivate the "Thunder Mark" in the late True Immortal realm, but Chu Feng is able to use it as soon as he became 1st rank Martial Ancestor. His "Divine" mark can allow him to promote a rank and has an innate suppression of weaker Heavenly Bloodlines that practice a weaker Punishment Art like a Heaven Mark. This holds true to an incomplete version of the Divine Punishment Art or a person with a weaker Heavenly Bloodline. When Chu Feng reached Martial Immortal he unsealed his Thunder Armour, allowing him to further increase his cultivation by another rank.

Bloodline Skills

  1. Thunder Armor
  2. Thunder Wings
  3. Divine Punishment Mark (Thunder Mark)
  4. Divine Punishment Mysterious Art (Punishment Art for Heavenly Bloodline Possessor to promote further growth after reaching Half Martial Ancestor)
  5. Heavenly Lightning Nine Slashes[2]

World Spiritist Bloodline - Ruler's Bloodline

Chu Feng's spirit power bloodline comes from his mother. Not much is mentioned in the story about it yet except for the fact that he has boundless Spirit Power in his body. He temporarily awakened it when he was about to die while making a strenuous weapon formation. When it happened in the Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm, Eggy said that it was "godly spirit power, the king amongst kings". This shows how strong Chu Feng's mother's bloodline is.

He later awakened his World Spiritist bloodline when he took Grandmaster Tang Chen‘s test. This test was designed to test someone’s talent rather than the technique itself. Grandmaster Tang Chen told his disciple that it was impossible for anyone to break this formation that he painstakingly created and boasts that Chu Feng was destined to fail from the beginning. When asked why he says that this formation takes a pseudo-bloodline out of the body and causes soul-stirring pain according to the level of talent and eventually turns fatal for anyone.

But contrary to their beliefs Chu Feng’s bloodline is so tyrannical that it takes him a few seconds to completely break the formation and become the new owner of the formation thereby passing the test (until he is cheated by Tang Chen to not lose face). He also awakened his bloodline during the test. Tang Chen stated that the strongest world spiritist bloodline in the entire Holy Light Galaxy is far inferior to Chu Feng’s bloodline. This is understandable considering his bloodline originates from the Seven Realms Galaxy's Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

It is currently unknown whether his awakening was a complete or a partial awakening but it gives him an additional +1 level increase in spirit combat power.

Divine Power - Four Symbols Divine Power

After the Holy Land of Martialism Arc, Chu Feng meets with his father and asks if he can help the 4 Saint Beasts of Qing Xuantian to regain their lifespan. Chu Xuanyuan says that the only way to do this is for them to be part of a Divine Body. He tells Chu Feng that unless he can find Qing Xuantian, it isn't possible. He then tells Chu Feng that Qing Xuantian was an idiot because he abandoned the Four Symbols Divine Body for another. This is because in the Upper Realms, there is a Heavenly Ranking of Divine Body powers, and the Four Symbols Divine Body is ranked 3rd on that list. He recommends that Chu Feng doesn't look to return them, and instead ask them if they will become his divine power. They agree, and return to being Secret Skills for the time being. To gain this Divine Body, he tells Chu Feng to search for an old friend, Ox-Nosed Old Daoist. If he is willing, then Chu Feng will have the 3rd strongest Divine Body power, in addition to his Heavenly Lightning Bloodline.

Chu Feng fused with the Four Symbols Divine Body in Chapter 3734 and the Four Symbols Divine Body showed its might in Chu Feng's fight with Linghu Hongfei, defeating him with just one strike.

Chu Feng has used the Four Symbols Divine Body to increase his cultivation by +1 many times since fully fusing with them, and when used together with his Divine Mark and Thunder Armor he is able to increase his cultivation by +3 in the Utmost Exalted Realm and Martial Exalted Realm. A feat which is impossible even for powerful clans in the Starry Sky. His battle power after using all his methods makes him unmatched within his cultivation realm.