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Martial Cultivation

Ancestral Martial Lower Realm
Rank Chapter Manhua HDBP[1] Source of Cultivation Age
1 - Spirit Realm
4th 2 6 1 (+0) One Saint Spirit Grass 15
5th 22 21 1 (+0) After 9 days of hunting Sky Spirit Grass in Spiritual Medicine Mountain
6th 30 29 1 (+0) Stole Chu Xun's father's Spiritual Bead
7th 65 59 1 (+0) 100 Spiritual Beads from the Profound Expert's Tomb
8th 101 87 1 (+0) 1000 Spiritual Beads that Chen Hui gave him
9th 137 114 1 (+0) Several Thousand Spiritual Beads (4000+) and 10 Origin Beads
2 - Origin Realm
1st 138 114 3 (+1) Several Thousand Spiritual Beads (4000+) and 10 Origin Beads 15
2nd 203 175 3 (+1) Several Origin Beads (less than 100) from the World Spirit Guild 16
4th 219 188 3 (+1) 10 high Quality Profound Medicines from the Void School and stuff pilfered from the the Five Tiger Village
5th 231 197 3 (+1) Several Hundred Profound Medicines from the Heroic Hunt
7th 235 202 3 (+1) Several Thousand Origin and Profound Medicines plundered from the Valley of Hundred Bends
8th 266 227 3 (+1) Essence Pool in the Thousand Bone Graveyard
9th 267 228 3 (+1) Entered directly after 8th Level from Essence Pool
3 - Profound Realm
3rd 342 280 3 (+2) 10,000 Profound Beads reward from the Profound level in the Prestigious Villa’s Limitless Underground Palace 16
5th 403 314 3 (+2) 1.050.000 Profound Beads obtained/stolen from the Nine Provinces Seven Powers
6th 415 321 3 (+2) 65,000 Profound Beads from selling off plundered goods from Song Qingfeng
7th 458 354 3 (+2) Millions of Profound Beads plundered (some from selling off items taken) from the Sword God Valley 17
8th 490 379 3 (+2) Void Zhenren's blue-coloured shattered rocks (described as strange divine objects, possibly a type of Natural Oddity)
9th 507 393 3 (+2) A bottle of Spirit Formation Essence from the Emperor Tomb (Nine Provinces)
4 - Heaven Realm
1st 527 404 3 (+3) A Royal Dynasty’s wealth over several thousand years of accumulation of cultivation resources (Over a hundred thousand Heavenly Beads) 17
2nd 536 408 3 (+3) A large pond of Spirit Formation Essence from the Emperor Tomb (Nine Provinces)
3rd 540 410 3 (+3) Several more ponds of Spirit Formation Essence from the Emperor Tomb (Nine Provinces) 18
5th 574 425 3 (+3) Refinement of a deceased Infant Son of Magma
6th 595 436 3 (+3) Refinement of a Ice Crystal Phoenix Egg
7th 626 449 3 (+3) Immortal Execution Archipelago Hidden Treasury
8th 698 483 3 (+3) A gift from the Galewind Hunting Clan Ancestor in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm
9th 803 531 3 (+3) Absolute Submission of the Royal Armament, Silver Dragon Spear 19
5 - Martial Lord
1st 863 3 (+1) Absorbing and refining of the Natural Oddity found in the garden mountain of the Burning Heaven Church 19
5th 864 3 (+1) Broke directly into after immediately reaching Martial Lord by the divine lighting of his Heavenly Bloodline*
7th 935 3 (+1) Cultivation resources given to Chu Feng from Qiu Canfeng when he freed him
8th 949 3 (+1) Absolute Submission of the Royal Armament, Demon Sealing Sword 20
9th 1022 3 (+1) Mysterious Cultivation Fruit from a Treasure Box
6 - Martial King
1st 1081 3 (+2) Triggered a Ancient Era's Immortal Needle 20
2nd 1162 3 (+2) Top Quality King level Martial Medicinal Fruits
3rd 1192 3 (+2) Triggered another Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle 21
5th 1265 3 (+2) Martial Beads from Old White Ape
6th 1378 3 (+2) Cultivation Resources from Wang Qiang
8th 1489 3 (+2) Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower Seed
9th 1595 3 (+2) Immortal Cultivation Lake of the Weapon Refinement Immortal
7 - Half Martial Emperor
1st 1629 4 (+2) Natural Oddity bought at Heavenly Law Palace Auction with sensing a chance to comprehend a break through 21
2nd 1671 4 (+2) Absorption and complete refinement of Du Wanwu's Poison Refinement Formation with the Absolute Submission of the Cyan and Purple Rainbow Swords
3rd 1706 4 (+2) Natural Oddities collected by Baili Xuankong for Chu Feng to absorb and refine 22
7th 1747 4 (+2) Fruits given to him by Long Lin
8th 1827 4 (+2) A portion of the Beast Emperor's legacy
9th 1861 4 (+2) Refinement of a Ancient Era’s medicinal pellet given to him by Duan Jidao
8 - Martial Emperor
1st 1900 5 (+2) * Absorption and refinement of Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond's organisms with the triggering of the 9 Ancient Era’s Immortal Golden Needles within the Ancient Era's Elf Kingdom 22
2nd 1968 5 (+2) ** Beast Emperor's Imperial Armament entering absolute submission plus Natural Oddities and other cultivation treasures from the Beast Emperor's hidden treasure horde
4th 2049 5 (+2) Complete absorption and refinement of the Icesnow Pearl of the Icesnow Phoenixes gifted by Tantai Xue 23
6th 2092 5 (+2) The Gate of Cultivation from Qing Xuantian's Inheritance
7th 2098 5 (+2) Chu Feng sucked out and refined the natural energies from within the Magma Emperor
Holy Light Galaxy (Ordinary/Upper/Starfield)
Rank Chapter Manhua HDBP[1] Source of Comprehension Age
9 - Half Martial Ancestor
1st 2136 3 (+2) Cultivation jewel from Chu Xuanyuan 23
2nd 2175 3 (+2) Piercing through a bottleneck
3rd 2231 3 (+2) Refinement of the natural oddities found within the Hidden Spirit Realm in Mount Cloud Crane
4th 2232 3 (+2) 24
5th 2303 3 (+2) Refinement of the natural energies found in the roots of the Moonlight Immortal Spirit Flower given to him by Zhao Hong
6th 2378 3 (+2) Dao of Martial Cultivation found and absorbed after entering the hidden realm within the Hundred Refinements Jadeite Stone
7th 2381 3 (+2)
8th 2410 3 (+2) Refinement of the cultivation resources and the Dao of martial comprehension writings left behind by Kong Yingyi, the Kong Primogenitor in his legacy inheritance
9th 2411 3 (+2) 25
10 - Martial Ancestor
7th 2463 4*(+3) 2 years of hidden close door training in the third level of the Martial Comprehension Grounds of the Ancient Era War Clan 27
8th 2507 4 (+3) Closed Door Training
9th 2547 4 (+3) Refinement of the Martial Dao Bamboo Slip gifted by Li Yue'er from the Sacred Heavenly Temple
11 - True Immortal
1st 2635 0*(+1) Dao of Martial Cultivation from using the All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart to refine the Divine Dragon Bloody Ruler into a Incomplete Immortal Armament 30
2nd 2713 1*(+1) Dao of Martial Cultivation acquired by further refinement of the Divine Dragon Bloody Ruler
3rd 2746 1 (+1) Dao of Martial Cultivation gained from the Ten Thousand Poisons Demon Sect's Inheritance Spirit Formation left by a Mysterious Upper Realm Grand Expert of that Sect and Song Xi's father
4th 2798 1 (+1) A fountainhead of natural energy found at the bottom of Buried Spirit Lake
5th 2833 1 (+1) Succeeding and proving himself in the Sacred Tree Illusionary Fog Trial given to him by a mysterious hidden martial artist who turned out to be Chu Liangshan 31
6th 2980 1 (+1) Martial Inheritance Formation of the Exalted Archer's Legacy Inheritance
9th 3019 1 (+1) Infernal Spring hidden at the bottom of Infernal Lake within Nine Moons Sacred Domain
12 - Heavenly Immortal
1st 3020 1 (+1) Infernal Spring hidden at the bottom of Infernal Lake within Nine Moons Sacred Domain 31
4th 3021 2 (+1)
6th 3061 2 (+1) Dao of Martial Cultivation absorbed from the Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet 32
8th 3141 2 (+1) Refinement of the Immortal Crystal Ore, gifted from Bai Liluo
9th 3204 2 (+1) Refinement of the powerful and special cultivation painting found on the 5th floor of the New Excellence Formation
13 - Martial Immortal
2nd 3245 1*(+2) Comprehended and took complete control of the Holy Spirit Formation of Light after that refined all of the cultivation resources left in the formation as well as the symbols of light he already plundered 32
5th 3257 1 (+2) A natural oddity Chu Hanxian found and left behind for future descendants that was further cultivated by Chu Xuanyuan as well
7th 3351 1 (+2) As punishment for false charges brought against him. Chu Feng was placed on the Heavenly Lightning Punishment Stage and struck by Heavenly Lightning for many days. Chu Feng found out that the Heavenly Lightning, if endured, was fusing his bloodline to his very soul allowing him to gain comprehension and energy for two consecutive breakthroughs.
14 - Exalted
1st 3519 0 (+2) After helping Li Yue'er with her breakthrough in the core of the Li Heavenly Clan's Ancestral Formation Chu Feng came under the Lightning Curse which would cause him bouts of severe pain throughout his life but after gaining the acknowledgement of the curse he was able to use the energies of the curse in combination with the energy he already had to have three consecutive breakthroughs himself 32
3rd 3601 0 (+3) A side benefit from helping Wang Qiang and Blood-devouring Demon Exalted in their fusing with one another was enough natural energies and martial comprehension from a lake filled with the power of the Void Sacred Tree for two breakthroughs
5th 3735 0 (+4) Fusing with the Four Symbols Secret Skills to restore and gain the Four Symbols Divine Body allowed for two consecutive breakthroughs 33
8th 3893 0 (+4) The martial power formation from the Great Monster Slayer Emperor's True Inheritance
15 - Utmost Exalted
1st 4135 0 (+3) Training in the Heavenly Thunder Ancient Formation 34
4th 4372 0 (+3) Refining a natural oddity
5th 4435 0 (+3) Cultivating at bottom of Ancient Era Energy filled Lake as prize for winning a test
6th 4513 0 (+3) Refining part of the Conquerstar Demon Flower energy
7th 4743 0 (+3) Unsealing the 4th Essence of the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor
9th 4761 0 (+3) Unsealing the 5th and 6th Essences of the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor while cultivating in the Hidden Dragon Illusion Palace
16 - Martial Exalted
1st 4798 0 (+3) Unsealing the 7th Essence of the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor while cultivating in the Yin-Yang Dry Well 34
2nd 4831 0 (+3) Fully unsealing the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor
3rd 4903 0 (+3) Completed his breakthrough by using the Saint Valley Ancient Formation to fully absorb the opportunity he obtained in the Sacred Lotus Tree
4th 4988 0 (+3) Cultivation in Monster King Soul Tomb to break down formation during a breakthrough
8th 5080 0 (+3) The power of Asura, under the transformation of God's contract With Millions of Asura Evil Spirits
Starry Sky
Rank Chapter Manhua HDBP[1] Source of Comprehension Age
17 - Half-God
- - - - - -
18 - True God
- - - - - -
19 - Martial God
- - - - - -

World Spiritist Cultivation

Ancestral Martial Lower Realm
Spirit Power Volume Chapter Manhua Source of Cultivation Age
White Cloak 1 (NP) 21 21 Innate (Activated by the Azure Dragon Founder) 15
Grey Cloak 1 (NP) 203 175 Combination of the Asura Ghost Tower and the matured Spirit Fruit

Spirit Fruit in Manhua

Blue Cloak 2 (NP) 458 354 Training with Mastered Elite Armament, the Asura Ghost Axe, and from breaking through to 7th level of Profound Realm 17
Purple Cloak 3 (ESR) 581 429 Naturally connects to Purple-Colored Spirit Power 18
Gold Cloak 3 (ESR) 841 551 Use of the Spirit Power Forging Furnace hidden in the Asura Ghost Tower 19
Royal Cloak
Insect Mark 4 (HLOM) 1431 Fusion of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram with Chu Feng's body and mind 21
Snake Mark 5 (HLOM) 1595 Cultivating in the Immortal Cultivation Lake
Dragon Mark 5 (HLOM) 1827 Part of the inheritance of the Black Dragon King
Holy Light Galaxy (Ordinary/Upper/Starfield)
Spirit Power Volume Chapter Manhua Source of Cultivation Age
Immortal Cloak
Insect Mark 6 (HROR) 2239 Special Comprehension Spirit Formation powered by Immortal Dragon-Mark Spirit Power 24
Snake Mark 6 (HROR) 2465 2 years of hidden close door training in the third level of the Martial Comprehension Grounds of the Ancient Era War Clan 27
Dragon Mark 7 (TGUR) 2797 Absorbing the mysterious runes and spiritual energies released by the Buried Spirit Lake 30
Exalted Cloak
Insect Mark 7 (TGUR) 2895 World Spiritist Inheritance Formation of the Exalted Archer's Legacy Inheritance 30
Snake Mark 8 (DTR) 3181 Absorbing and comprehending the spirit formation beasts within the spirit formation of the hidden world spiritist palace in Iceseal Forbidden Region 32
Saint Cloak
Insect Mark 8 (DTR) 3414 Assimilating with and refining the Black Spirit Flames sealed within the Grand Zodiac Spirit Formation left behind by the World Spiritist Immortal King (Equivalent strength to peak Martial Immortal and can defend against Rank 1 Exalted) 32
Snake Mark 9 (BoA) 3837 Box that was obtained in the World Spirit mansion gate. 33
Dragon Mark 9 (BoA) 3956 Refined Mysterious Gems 34
Saint Cloak - Dragon Transformation Sensation
DTS 1st Rank[2][3] 9 (BoA) 4078 Refining poison from Nine Dragons Upper Realm 34
DTS 2nd Rank 9 (BoA) 4262 Solving the death puzzle in Ancient Era World Spiritist inheritance
DTS 3rd Rank 9 (BoA) 4632 Assimilation of the true Divine Rejuvenation Pearl that was enhanced and given to him by Song Yun
DTS 4th Rank 9 (BoA) 4932 By absorbing all the spirit power within the Ancient Era Realm Soulstone with the help of the Ruler's Bloodline
DTS 5th Rank 9 (BoA) 4957 Situ Qi's Inheritance Formation
DTS 6th Rank
DTS 7th Rank
DTS 8th Rank 9 (BoA) 5080 The power of Asura, under the transformation of God's contract With Millions of Asura Evil Spirits
DTS 9th Rank
Starry Sky
Spirit Power Volume Chapter Manhua Source of Cultivation Age
God Cloak
White Dragon Mark - - - - -
Grey Dragon Mark
Blue Dragon Mark
Purple Dragon Mark
Gold Dragon Mark
Royal Dragon Mark
Immortal Dragon Mark
Exalted Dragon Mark
Saint Dragon Mark
True Dragon Cloak
- - - - - -

Short term strength gains

Combat Strength
Rank Strength Chapter Manhua Source of Strength Age
Profound Realm
6th above 8th rank Heaven Realm 454 352 The phenomenon of a Berserk Bloodline 16
True Immortal
1st above 1st rank Exalted 2657 The Evil God Sword took control of Chu Feng's body 30
Utmost Exalted
1st Mid Half-God 4302 The phenomenon of a Berserk Bloodline 34
Martial Exalted
8th 4th rank Half-God 5111 Kui Ting's power has poured into Chu Feng's body from World Spirit Space. 34


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Heaven Defying Battle Power. The first value is innate power, while the second represents temporary increases gained from abilities
  2. Dragon Transformation Sensation
  3. Chu Feng's World Spirit Power gains +2 HDBP (Martial Cultivation Equivalent) due to: But it does not mean that he can easily fight with +2 level. This only raises his prowess, though in a pinch, Chu Feng can fight with +1.