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Martial God Asura Wikia

Rank Name Chapter Manhua Gallery
Mastered Elite Armament Asura Ghost Axe (Special ability to train spirit power and a connection to the Asura Spirit World) 387 304
Inc. Royal Armament Dragon Marking Sword (Hidden on it is the Dragon Marking Sword Technique) 671 470
Royal Armament (absolute submission) Silver Dragon Spear (Chu Feng's first royal armament and the first armament to enter absolute submission with him) 798 531
Royal Armament (absolute submission) Demon Sealing Sword (A King of Royal Armaments and makes its master leader of the Crippling Night Demon Sect ) 944


Copy of Inc. Imperial Armament (absolute submission) Infinity Edge (First Place prize of the Nine Powers Hunt) 1487
Inc. Imperial Armament Boots of Speed (Tailor-made for Chu Feng also given 10 talismans that work with boots to further increase speed) 1600
Inc. Imperial Armament (absolute submission) Cyan Rainbow Sword (One of the legendary 7 Rainbow Swords of the Holy Land of Martialism) 1652
Inc. Imperial Armament (absolute submission) Purple Rainbow Sword (One of the legendary 7 Rainbow Swords of the Holy Land of Martialism) 1652
Demon Armament (forced submission) Evil God Sword (Introduced as Incomplete Imperial Armament, but true rank is undetermined as of yet, probably at least a True God power house) 1726
Inc. Imperial Armament (cooperative) Deep Blue Bow (Given to Chu Feng to aid him by the mysterious Long Lin with also 1 Qilin arrow, 3 purple flame arrows and 10 golden arrows that can be used with the bow to kill martial emperors with ease) 1748
Inc. Imperial Armament (absolute submission) Black Dragon Flame Whip (A prize taken from the vile Zhan Cangtian when Chu Feng defeated him ) 1767
Inc. Imperial Armament (absolute submission) Heavenly Immortal Sword (The Master of this armament also gains the legendary Heavenly Immortal Sword Technique) 1779
Imperial Armament (Absolute Submission) Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader (Legendary Imperial Armament of the Beast Emperor) 1967
Imperial Armament Emperor's Gate (A Legendary Ancient Era armament that was the final test to gain Emperor Qing's full and complete inheritance. Later it would be fused with both the Nameless Sword Imperial armament and the Magma Emperor's Refined Soul to create the Magma Emperor Sword a Inc. Ancestral armament.) 2086
Imperial Armament (forced submission) Nameless Sword (The only Ancient Era armament deemed worthy to be found in the Gate of Weaponry of Emperor Qing's Inheritance. Originally a incomplete Ancestral armament but after being broken and losing it's hilt it became a Imperial armament. Though after coming into Chu Feng's hands he would restore and strengthen it by fusing it with the Emperor's Gate Imperial armament and the soul of the Magma Emperor. Transforming it into the Magma Emperor Sword.) 2088
Inc. Ancestral Armament (forced submission & cooperative) Magma Emperor Sword (Created by refining and fusing the Magma Emperor's Soul with the Nameless Sword and Emperor's Gate imperial armaments.) 2099


Ancestral Armament (Absolute Submission) Stormwind Edge (Chu Feng's first Ancestral Armament and a legendary Ancient Era Armament that he won in a bet from the World Spiritist Saintess of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm) 2344
Ancestral Armament (Absolute Submission?) Flaming Dragon Greatsword (Part of the hidden treasury supplied to Chu Feng by Grandmaster Kai Hong that was the personal armament of the legendary Kong Yingyi the Primogenitor of the Kong Heavenly Clan) 2407
Ancestral Armament (?) Divine Dragon Bloody Ruler (The Ancestral armament Chu Feng received from Grandmaster Kai Hong's legacy inheritance that would later be refined by Chu Feng with the help of Li Yue'er into a Inc. Immortal armament) 2351
Inc. Immortal Armament (cooperative) Divine Dragon Bloody Ruler-refined (The Ancestral armament from Grandmaster Kai Hong's legacy inheritance that was refined by Chu Feng with the help of Li Yue'er into a Inc. Immortal armament) 2630
Immortal Armament (?) Darkstone Dagger (Obtained this armament through the resonance test of the Immortal Armament Villa's Armory after winning the Spirit Hunt and choosing the second option of being tested) 2729
2 Immortal Armament (?) Flaming Heaven Piercing Twin Spears (The prize Chu Feng received when he won the bet he had with Ren Xiaoyao) 2841
Immortal Armament (?) Deepblood Immortal Edge (Part of the payment agreed upon when Chu Feng promised to help Xia Yun'er in the Trials of the Inheritance Cave) 2866
Immortal Armament (?) Immortal Archery Bow (A King of Immortal Armaments and part of the Legacy Inheritance of the Exalted Archer)

Given to Wuma Shengjie after admitting she was powerful and CF not able to fight her at the moment.



Immortal Armament (?) Blackflame Ghost Sword (He acquired this armament by passing the Blood Fog Trial of the Illusory Blood Lotus. It is a peerless and legendary King of Immortal Armaments personally refined by Chu Hanxian from the rare and powerful Black Flame Ghost Iron which has its own intelligence an must be subdued first before it could be refined. This is also noted to be the first Immortal Armament that Chu Hanxian personally refined. The Chu Heavenly Clan see it as a clan-protection treasure) 2937
Incomplete Exalted Armament The universe falls Dragon Gun/Dragon-subduing Cosmos Rod (A gift of thanks from Li Yue'er for Chu Feng's help under the pretext of letting him just borrow it) 3521
Incomplete Exalted Armament (?) Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword (One half of a Legendary pair of lovers sword armaments which are of the highest quality that were stored in the Divine Armament Cemetery its counterpart is the Red Jade Mandarin Duck Sword. The sword also has a frost aura attribute so even the slightest nick would cause freezing paralysis from the invading frost aura) 3628
World Spirit Armament Death God's Edge (A powerful and rare armament that can only be used by world spirits. This armament was sealed on the top floor of the Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda meaning it is of the finest quality and the most powerful of among all the armaments sealed with in the pagoda. Chu Feng gave it to Eggy in Chapter 4652.) 3669
2 World Spirit Armaments Twin Crimson Spirit Swords (A pair of powerful crimson colored sword armaments that can only be used by world spirits. One of the treasures obtained in the World Spirit Mansion Gate. Chu Feng would give them to Yu Sha.) 3812
Exalted Armament (?) Great Monster Slaying Sword (Part of the The Great Monster Slayer Emperor's true inheritance from his first true tomb that was his personal legendary armament through out his travels and is the key to The Great Monster Slayer Emperor's second true tomb) 3894
Incomplete Exalted Armament (?) Silver Sword (Taken from Tuoba Chengan when Chu Feng found him and killed him by chance when he tried to track Yin Zhuanghong who had been forcefully abducted.) 4034
Incomplete Exalted Armament (?) Curved Blade (One of the treasures Chu Feng claimed after he slew the Isle Master of Constellation Immortal Isle in return for attacking his Heavenly Chu Clan and Chief) 4089
Exalted Armament (?) Immemorial Hero’s Sword - Managed to get acknowledgement from Ancient Era's Tomb of Armaments' Test to receive the Sword (Yet to acknowledge CF as Master). The tombstone that the sword initially kept have an inscription "Immemorial Hero’s Sword, an Exalted Armament that was passed down from the Immemorial Era." 4460
Exalted Armament (?) Black Battle Axe (A powerful Exalted Armament taken from cosmos sack of Black-White Twin Malevolence that were killed by wolf-head human-body creatures) 4469
Exalted Armament (?) White Scythe (A powerful Exalted Armament taken from cosmos sack of Black-White Twin Malevolence that were killed by wolf-head human-body creatures) 4469
Exalted Armament (?) Coiling Dragon Great Sword (A powerful and vicious golden sword made from Ancient Era's adamantine metal with a powerful Ancient Era Golden Flood Dragon sealed within) 4903
Exalted Armament (?) Demon Pheonix Ominous Sword (A powerful and bloodthirsty silver sword with an Ancient Era's Monstrous Beast Monarch of the powerful Phoenix bloodline sealed within) 4903
Exalted Armament (?) Supreme Cloud Sword (A powerful and gentle white sword forged from Ancient Era Cloud Spirits though later Chu Feng would gift it to Long Xiaoxiao) 4903
Miscellaneous Treasures
Name Description Place Chapter Manhua Gallery
Cosmos Sack A storage bag with immense storage capacity that is not affected by weight or size of objects stored within but can not store any kind living organisms including people Nine Provinces 52 52
Magical Mask Allows the wearer the ability to disguise themselves as others Nine Provinces 421 326
Golden Dragon Cauldron Weapon refinement cauldron Holy Land of Martialism 1207
Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter Promote Spirit Formations Sealing Ancient Village 1373
Nine Spirits Divine Diagram A legendary and mysterious world spiritist treasure of the Holy Land of Martialism that is known to hold many secrets and powerful spirit techniques within it as well as all the comprehension of the legendary Nine Spirits God world spiritist had into spirit techniques he himself had. Overlord Domain 1431
Red Deep Sea Pearls Promotes Sealing Formations Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest 1435
God Bestowment Bamboo Slip (2/367) Legendary and powerful treasures that grants wondrous new insights and understanding into martial cultivation to those who gather them as no two slips are the same as well as other unexpected yet amazing benefits that are revealed over time with greatest being said that if one can gather all of the slips that they will ascend and become a true god Holy Land of Martialism

All Heavens Starfield



Soul of the Magma Emperor The soul of a Half Martial Ancestor level Son of Magma and one the key refinement materials needed to create and refine a Inc. Ancestral armament Eastern Sea Region 2099
King Royal Cloak Ancient Era Royal World Spiritist Cloak World Spiritist Alliance 1851
All Equilibrium Weaponry Refinement Chart Weapon's Refinement and Martial Cultivation Book Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm 2605
Ginseng King of Evil The Ginseng King of Evil is a frightening being most likely a type of natural oddity or special being that kills indiscriminately sucks blood and refines source energy and cultivation. Though if refined the Ginseng is said to grant "Eternal Youth" and add more than 10,000 years to ones lifespan. Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm 2657
Stealth Talisman (3/3) Conceals the user from detection for 12 hours even from those who have a higher cultivation Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm 2799
Metamorphosis Mysteryrealm Bracelet Absorbs mysterious energies from certain places to promote and aid in the Dao of Martial Cultivation Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm 2923
Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram (1/8) One of eight legendary maps that can lead to mysterious hidden treasuries Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm 2937
Utmost Exalted Wrist Protector Grants the wearer the ability to release the power of Immortal Armaments as well as grants heaven defying battle power of plus one while being at the Heavenly Immortal Rank Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm 3041
Bandit Beast Hideout A portable hidden realm like hideout that can be as big as a mountain or as small as a fingernail with powerful concealment capabilities Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm 3041
Stone of the lair Grants total control of the Bandit Beast Hideout and the ability store and transport the Bandit Beast Hideout Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm 3041
Flame Qilin Armor A legendary set of armor that has its own intelligence and is so powerful that it can protect the life of its master it recognizes from even martial immortal level opponents Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm 3087
Asura Demon God Stone A sacred, powerful, and extremely rare cultivation resource for Asura World Spirits (One is suppose to be able to only move the stone with special formations but Chu Feng can pick up the stone as if it was just a normal stone but for anyone else it becomes extremely heavy and near impossible to move without the special formations even for a Asura World Spirit) Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm 3168
Mysterious Golden Egg (Qilin Egg) A golden ostrich-size egg that had a powerful sealing formation placed on it. This is the treasure that Chu Feng was led to by the Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram. Chu Feng believes it was sealed by a God Cloak Spiritist. When the seal was released Chu Feng was able to gain both natural energies and martial comprehension. Pictures shown by the Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram may mean that a Qilin a Legendary Divine Beast may hatch from this mysterious egg. In later chapters the egg has shown the power to absorb and refine evil spirits as well as energies from the Ancient Era. Scarlet Province Upper Realm 3316
Nine Dragons Saint-cloak One of the legendary sacred treasures of the last 3 Great Eccentrics' Remnants of the Ancestral Martial Starfield. A legendary World Spiritist Cloak for Saint-cloak World Spiritists created using the Nine Dragons Aura hidden deep within the Nine Dragons Upper Realm by the legendary but mysterious World Spirit Immortal King. Also hidden within the cloak is a special power that can only be released upon complete assimilation with and gaining total control of the cloak. World Spirit Immortal King also left a invitation to come see him with a special imprint pass within the cloak. In later chapters the cloak showed the ability to enhance both the power and comprehension of spirit techniques an this only being a fraction of its true power. Nine Dragons Upper Realm 3423
Rusted iron sheet The treasure Chu Feng received after he chose the hidden treasure option when he entered the Sacred Heavenly Temple with Exalted level beads. Its secrets have yet to be revealed. Sacred Heavenly Temple 3521
Sacred Tree Seed A extremely rare and powerful cultivation treasure given to the one who can ascend onto the Sacred Tree Throne in the Sacred Palace Hall of Void Sacred Tree. The seed only appears once every one hundred thousand years and not only does it grant natural energies but also martial comprehension when it is successfully refined. To date Chu Feng has yet to succeed in refining the seed and there is a backlash effect upon failure as his cultivation temporarily drops by a few levels an he is also paralyzed for a time. Sacred Palace Hall 3590
Silver metallic scroll-like item ( Exalted Taboo Martial Skill Rank 3???) A mysterious metallic scroll-like object with complicated symbols and runes on it that once belong to Chu Xuanyuan (Chu Feng's Father). Later Ox-nosed Old Daoist tells Chu Feng that it is a Exalted Taboo martial skill. Divine Armament Villa 3661
Fire Qilin Talisman A Ancient Era jade pendent that when fused with can increase the cultivation by one level even for those of the exalted realm but loses its effect when one surpasses the exalted realm. Chu Feng received this treasure from Gu Mingyuan, Chu Lingxi's mother. Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm 3692
Universal Core A unique and powerful treasure created by Ox-nose Old Daoist by refining a equally unique and powerful natural oddity. It would become Chu Feng's second dantian and allow him to fuse with the 4 Symbols Secret Skills to restore them to the 4 Symbols Divine Body. Bright Mirror Sea 3733
World Spirit Jade A watermelon-sized completely green rhombus-shaped jade that possesses enormous benefits for world spirits. One of the Spirit Treasures Chu Feng obtained in the World Spirit Mansion Gate. Reincarnation Upper Realm (Seven Suns Mountain Range’s World Spirit Mansion Gate) 3807
World Spiritist Case One of the spirit treasures obtained in the World Spirit Mansion Gate. A case that can aid a world spiritist in making a breakthrough in their spirit power. Reincarnation Upper Realm (Seven Suns Mountain Range’s World Spirit Mansion Gate) 3812
Lightning Fragments Cultivation treasures from the Purple Star Variance Realm that if refined could not only strengthen and improve ones cultivation but could also strengthen and improve ones Heavenly Bloodline as well. In truth the remains of the countless Heavenly Bloodline Lightning Beasts stolen and enslaved by the Purple Star Variance Realm's so called Cultivation Treasure that were left behind when it lost to Chu Feng's Heavenly Bloodline Lightning Beasts when it tried to steal and enslave Chu Feng's Heavenly Bloodline Lightning Beasts. To date it is unknown if Chu Feng has refined them as of yet. Purple Star Upper Realm (Purple Star Variance Realm’s Purple Star Hall) 4096
Golden Body of Light (Life Soul[1]) Another powerful cultivation treasure left behind by the so called legendary cultivation treasure of the Purple Star Variance Realm after it lost to Chu Feng's Heavenly Bloodline. It is truly mysterious as it is more than ten times smaller than an ordinary pearl and has a powerful layer of protection preventing Chu Feng from analyzing it let alone refining it.As of yet Chu Feng has not been able to analyze and refine it.Later it is revealed to be the Life Soul of the now named Wen Xue an that it binds her to Chu Feng for if he dies while possesing the Life Soul Wen Xue will die as well. Purple Star Upper Realm (Purple Star Variance Realm’s Purple Star Hall) 4097
Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk A powerful world spiritist treasure that is capable of breaching secret grounds, plundering rare opportunities, protecting its master and strengthening spirit formations. Later it is revealed that it has a will of its own. Ancient Era's Endless Abyss (Plundered from Bloodmist Heavenly Exalted) 4167
World Spirit Assistance Pellet A medicinal pellet refined for only World Spirits that is capable of assisting a world spirit to quickly refine a cultivation resource with greater efficiency. One of the treasures Chu Feng received from his time in the Ancient Compliance Castle. This was directly given to him by the Compliance Mirror for discovering and opening the hidden gate of the Ancient Compliance Castle. Ancient Compliance Castle 4233
Mysterious Egg-sized Grey Stone Given to Chu Feng by Old Man Compliance himself as a additional reward for finding the hidden gate and stated to be an essential treasure to young world spiritists though its appearance is that of a common egg-sized grey stone. Its secrets have yet to be revealed. Ancient Compliance Castle 4239
Ancient Compliance Castle Title Plate A wooden plaque that emits the aura of the Ancient Era and features the Old Conformity Castle on it, allows its holder to freely and directly enter the Old Conformity Castle. The award given to Chu Feng by the Old Man Compliance for winning the third and final Talent Steps test step. Ancient Compliance Castle 4242
Immemorial Cosmos Map The inheritance Chu Feng attained when he pass the trial of the Ancient Era's Spirit Domain but given to Ox-nosed Old Daoist, Chu Feng's Master for safe keeping till Chu Feng is powerful enough to keep it himself without trouble. Ancient Era's Spirit Domain 4273
Whitesky Star River Pearl A water-like pearl that contains all the natural energies and martial comprehension of the hidden current of Whitesky Star River. A powerful cultivation treasure but to fully refine it one must be acknowledge as its master. Chu Feng has yet to gain its acknowledgement to date so has yet to refine it. Whitesky Star River 4492
Conquerstar Demon Flower A powerful but dangerous natural oddity in the form of a pitch-black flower that was black from its petals down to its stem its flower petals looked like sharp fangs, and it was constantly emanating a black and demonic aura. Chu Feng only refined a single petal but it was enough to make a breakthrough smoothly without any lightning tribulation but he is reluctant to fully refine it because of its demonic energy. Though later on Song Yun with out Chu Feng's knowledge is able to draw it out of Chu Feng an refine the rest of the flower herself. Nine Souls Galaxy (Conquerstar Mountain Villa) 4515
Bloodline Dimension A powerful World spiritist treasure in the form of a silver bowl that not only strengthens spirit power but can manifest the true power of world spiritist bloodlines by way of creating the Bloodline Dimension where it gets its name from an yet may hold even more secrets to be revealed later on. Nine Souls Galaxy (Graveyard Realm, Incubation Forest) 4600
Martial Cultivation Glacial Metal A powerful yet incomplete cultivation resource forged by the Wretched Black Demon for his granddaughter but stolen by Chu Feng when the Wretched black Demon broke his promise an turned on Chu Feng. Nine Souls Galaxy (Graveyard Realm, Incubation Forest) 4663
Hidden Dragon Soul Armour The reward Chu Feng was given after being the first and only one to clear all six of the trials of the Hidden Dragon Selection Formation in all of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect's recorded history. A powerful and legendary cultivation treasure originating from the Ancient Era that even old monsters of the cultivating world would go crazy for because after fusing with and full intigration with the armour it will not only increase your cultivation over time but solidify the foundation of your cultivation. There by increasing not just their cultivation but their overall talents and abilities all together. The downside to this remarkable treasure is that after the initial fusion with the armour your cultivation base will become sealed until you can reach certian stages in the unlocking and full intigration process with the armour. Hidden Dragon Selection Formation 4684