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Pre Novel (Background)[]

"Although Chu Feng wasn’t Chu Yuan’s blood-related child, Chu Guyu still treated him as his own younger brother, and he was one of the most respected and loved people by Chu Feng."[1]

"Chu Feng who was only eight years old was beaten up by the ten year old Chu Hongfei to the point in which he couldn’t stand up. Chu Feng had stay in bed for an entire half a month. The important thing was later on when Chu Guyu went and found Chu Hongfei, even Chu Guyu was beaten badly."[2]

Chu Guyu was a inner court disciple of Lingyun School.

Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter
6th Rank Spirit Realm 9
7th Rank Spirit Realm 238
1st Rank Profound Realm 241


Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity[]

Chu Family Competition (28–38)[]

In the family competition of the Chu Family, he lost against Chu Hongfei, his cousin pretty quickly.

Brother’s Rage (237–241)[]

After receiving the news about the extermination of the Chu Family he had a change in his personality and had became violent. He became antisocial. Before this he was very keen on following the rules. He offended the grandson of an Inner Court Elder during this time period and was crippled (lost one leg) and expelled from Lingyun School. He was threatened by Zhao Di that he would do worse to his younger brother Chu Feng if Chu Guyu left his domain (where he can keep an eye), thus he was forced to open a tavern 500 miles away from Lingyun School. Every month Zhao Di and his lackeys would come and break his tavern while humiliating him on a daily basis. He endured all this for Chu Feng. On the last day (before Chu Feng arrived) Zhao Di had enough of Chu Guyu's guts and finally went ahead and crippled him for real; he stabbed his dantian to his horror.

Chu Feng later come to his rescue and using a method of forbidden spiritual formation of the Asura Spirit World to transfer the cultivation of the grandfather of Zhao Di who has been killed. Chu Guyu passed from the Spiritual Realm to the 1st Level Profound Realm.

Days later Chu Feng buys a mansion and tells all the young generation of the Chu Family to abandon their schools and change their surnames and live there in peace with Chu Guyu as family leader.

Volume 5 - The Battle of the Overlord Domain[]

After Chu Feng returns to the Nine Provinces Continent for the inheritance of Qing Xuantian he is suprised to learn that Chu Guyu is to become the new Sect Master of the Azure Dragon School after the Azure Dragon Founder.