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Chu Xuanyuan is considered the most talented individual ever in the Chu Heavenly Clan's history barring his son, Chu Feng and father, Chu Hanxian.

Chu Xuanyuan spends his life working towards two goals; Finding his father, and rescuing his wife. Like his father, Chu Xuanyuan practices the Divine Punishment Mysterious Art and later passed the art to his son, Chu Feng.


The middle-aged man was not tall, nor was he well-built. He wasn’t all that handsome either; he could be said to be extremely ordinary. However, the feeling he gave others was that different. No matter how normal he looked, no matter how simple the clothes he wore, the unique demeanor emanated from his very being wasn’t comparable to an ordinary person.


Chu Xuanyuan was born after Chu Hanxian saved the life of Song Luoyi and trained her, both eventually accepting each other before Chu Hanxian went to some dangerous place. Song Luoyi left the Golden Dragon Flame Sect under the guise of training to give birth to Chu Xuanyuan. Song Luoyi was ambushed at her weakest by assassins after giving birth, thus leading to Chu Xuanyuan being sent to the Chu Heavenly Clan under the protection of her most trusted servant, along with a copy of Divine Punishment Mysterious Art given by Chu Hanxian[3].

Chu Xuanyuan became the Chu Heavenly Clan Law Enforcement Hall's Hall Master at the age of 29. Following his fathers footsteps, he stood on the 9th Step of the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps and he also activated 7 stages of the Bloodline Testing Formation within the Bloodline Altar, which are scores higher than even the Ancestor of the Chu Heavenly Clan (Chu Yetianhong) achieved.

Later Chu Xuanyuan disappeared in the Starry Sky and was active there for 800 years. He came back shortly after Chu Feng was born. He returned to the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm to hide from his wife's clan the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

However when Chu Feng's talent was assessed and considered useless, people started mocking his son. This incited Chu Xuanyuan to slaughter big powers from the Wuming Clan. Chu Xuanyuan then accepted the Chu Heavenly Clan's punishment for his actions and was exiled to the Chu Heavenly Clan's Forbidden Area in the Heavenly Road. This provided Chu Xuanyuan with the opportunity to explore the secrets of this place.


Volume 3 - Eastern Sea Region

Chu Xuanyuan has been silently protecting Chu Feng from the shadows the entire time. The Chu Heavenly Clan's servant, the Blind Old Man, was ordered by him to protect Chu Feng in the place of him. During Chu Kongtong's visit, Chu Xuanyuan was silently watching Chu Feng whilst Chu Feng was talking to Old Ape.

Volume 5 - The Battle of the Overlord Domain

Chu Xuanyuan finally reunited with Chu Feng[4], and helped him increase his cultivation to 1st Rank Half Martial Ancestor. He imparted the Divine Punishment Mysterious Art to Chu Feng, took Zi Ling as his disciple and assigned a mission to him; to destroy the Infant Soul Sect before the age of 40 - a feat no genius in the Chu Heavenly Clan has accomplished.

Volume 6 - Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm

When Chu Feng's body was controlled by The Evil God Sword, Chu Xuanyuan reappeared and eradicated it from Chu Feng's body. After eradicating it from Chu Feng's body, Chu Xuanyuan sealed a portion of the Evil God Sword's power so that it would be unable to take control of Chu Feng's body for roughly 100 years. By doing so, he lost 1000 years off of his lifespan[5].

Volume 8 - Battle of Prophecy

It must be noted how revered and feared Chu Xuanyuan is throughout the Ancestral Martial Starfield since one of the Starfield Master Realm's Ten Great experts, Wuming Fenghuo knelt mid air and begged him to forgive the Wuming clan after meeting Chu Feng, just because of the vague probability that Chu Xuanyuan might be watching over his son. This action was done without any evidence of whether Chu Xuanyuan was present at the moment or not.

When The Blood-Devouring Demon Exalted, an existence from the ancient era with the power of a Half God, tries to kill Chu Feng for the power of the The Void Sacred Tree that Chu Feng has fused with he is stopped and almost killed by the protective formation Chu Xuanyuan left in Chu Feng's body.

Volume 9 - Birth of Asura

Chu Xuanyuan with Old Ape were the masterminds behind the destruction of the Bloodline Granting Heavenly Sect.

Chu Xuanyuan was able to follow Xianhai Shaoyu and his group and sneak into the teleportation formation in the forbidden area of the Galewind Hunting Clan without being detected. The Patriarch of the Galewind Hunting Clan thought it was just an illusion when he felt the formation activate a fourth time to transport Chu Xuanyuan. Chu Xuanyuan then proceeds to exert his unfathomable martial might by defeating the Galewind Hunting Clan Ancestor residing in an Ancient Era's Cemetery within the Misty Peak with minimal effort and spared him due to his assistance to Chu Feng earlier on in the story.

The Demon Morph Clan assembled a force of over a million cultivators (including the Demon Morph Clan Clan Chief) to eliminate all life in the Holy Light Galaxy. They decided upon this action due to the fact that a Treasure Space that can evolve Heavenly Lightning Bloodline was located somewhere in the Holy Light Galaxy (Chu Heavenly Clan's Forbidden Area). Ultimately all the assembled cultivators were imprisoned by Chu Xuanyuan and had their bloodlines stripped away via torture. After capturing the Demon Morph Clan, he tells Old Ape they will be leaving the Holy Light Galaxy and may not be back for a long time.

It was later explained that Chu Xuanyuan had never before met his father Chu Hanxian. It is unknown under what circumstances he was born, but due to how dangerous of a situation Chu Hanxian was in at that time he had to send his son back to the Chu Heavenly Clan. When Chu Xuanyuan was dropped back at the clan there was nothing on him other than a note saying he was the son of Chu Hanxian and the Divine Punishment Mysterious Art. There was also the feeling of bloody aura on baby Chu Xuanyuan, showing that wherever Chu Hanxian was, he was going through a terrible life or death battle which is why he reluctantly sent his son back to the clan so he can grow up normally.

When Chu Feng asked Zi Ling about his father's strength[6], she replied that she did not know, but revealed that he once destroyed an entire world. Moving across the starry sky, he created a giant sword. Martial Power sword had pierced the world, cutting it in half and then turning it into pieces. The sword was several times larger than this world (star). At the same time, Chu Xuanyuan did not even move.

Martial Artist Cultivation

Cultivation Ranks Chapter Age
Exalted Realm* 2668 29
Above Exalted Realm 2207 800+
~True God[7] 3611 800+

*This was in the past when the vice hall master of enforcement tells the story of Chu Xuanyuan.

World Spiritist Cultivation

Spirit Power Chapter
True Dragon World Spiritist 3609


"We will be leaving this Starfield. He can only rely on himself now. I am indeed slightly worried about him"
–Chu Xuanyuan to Old Ape, Chapter 2663


  • Chu Xuanyuan reached Exalted Realm before the age of 30.


  1. He is 16 years younger than Chu Xuanzhengfa who was exactly 900 years old when he returned to the Chu clan. Over 30 years has now passed since that day.
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