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Cultivation is a difficult, dangerous, and expensive occupation in the world. People practice cultivation for various reasons; for longer lives, to have a deeper and more profound understanding of the world, to protect oneself and their loved ones and finally for fame and fortune.

Cultivation is divided into Realms, which each have 9 Ranks. Cultivators generally begin in the lowest realm and progress linearly through the ranks of each realm. After the 9th Rank of a Realm, they progress to the 1st Rank of the next Realm.

The realm that a person can reach in their life depends on many different things. His bloodline, physique, family, cultivation techniques, his perception, and luck just to name a few.

Most importantly, however, is their location. The world a cultivator lives in is the biggest determining factor in how far in cultivation rank they will progress. For example (see below) a cultivator in the Nine Provinces Continent would expect to reach a maximum rank of Heavenly Realm (even as a genius). Reasons for this include a lack of: natural energies, techniques, teachers, treasures and general knowledge of the cultivation world. Someone in this place would normally be called a great talent or an exceptional genius. However a somewhat talented person in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm might achieve True Immortal, a rank far higher due to resources, etc. Even a normal child in the Holy Land of Martialism was able to reach the Profound Realm before his teenage years. It's because of these reasons that the location a cultivator is raised or trained in is the biggest deciding factor in the maximum rank they may achieve.

A cultivators "cultivation" is consistently stored in a 'Dantian', and said cultivation can be lost if the Dantian is damaged.

A single Saint Spirit Grass, (a cultivation resource for those in Spirit Realm), costs 100 teals of silver; a large sum of money that could allow a commoner and their family to live comfortably for several years. A Spiritual Bead, on the other hand, costs 100 gold coins and would allow a household to live comfortably for their whole lives.

Cultivation Techniques

A person can increase their cultivation using several methods. For example:

  • one can take in the naturally occurring world energies and try to break through
  • one can use spiritual medicines, absorb their energies and try to break through
  • one can use formations and other natural or man-made phenomena and try for the same effect

The only downside of using any single or multiple methods from above is that it is usually very slow and tedious; not to mention very wasteful too. To counter this some ingenious dude (namely Fate Primogenitor) came up with cultivation techniques and spread them[1].

Cultivation techniques increased the speed of absorption of energies from the surroundings, from spiritual medicines and other methods. Some cultivation methods also had some side effects; some good, some bad.

With the use of such techniques cultivators were able to gather more spiritual energy, refine spiritual medicine quicker, causing the spiritual energy in the dantian to be richer and the battle abilities were several times stronger than normal people[2].

One such cultivation technique introduced in the novel is Beginning level Mysterious Technique, Breathing Technique. Mysterious Techniques were separated into the beginning level, middle level, and high level. It used special methods to change the spiritual energy within the body and it made it stronger than those who did not use it[3].

Cultivation Realms

Ancestral Martial Lower Realm
Rank Realm Stages Lifespan
1 Spirit/Spirit Martial Level 1 - 9 100
2 Origin/Origin Martial
3 Profound/Profound Martial
4 Heaven/Sky Martial 150
5 Martial Lord Rank 1 - 9 200
6 Martial King 300 - 500
7 Half Martial Emperor 5,000+
8 Martial Emperor ~10,000
Holy Light Galaxy (Ordinary/Upper/Starfield)
Rank Realm Stages Lifespan
9 Half Martial Ancestor Rank 1 - 9 ~10,000
10 Martial Ancestor
11 True Immortal
12 Heavenly Immortal
13 Martial Immortal
14 Exalted 10,000+
15 Utmost Exalted
16 Martial Exalted
Starry Sky
Rank Realm Stages Lifespan
17 Half-God 10,000+
18 True God
19 Martial God

*The >> symbol denotes a value far greater than specified

Local Cultivation Limits

Shows the maximum cultivation usually seen for the specified location.

Locations Cultivation Limits
Lower Realm (Ancestral Martial Lower Realm)
Nine Provinces Continent Spirit Realm
Origin Realm
Profound Realm
Heaven Realm
Eastern Sea Region Martial Lord
Martial King
Holy Land of Martialism Half Martial Emperor
Martial Emperor
Ordinary (Middle) Realm
Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm Half Martial Ancestor
Martial Ancestor
True Immortal
Upper Realm
Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm Heavenly Immortal
Martial Immortal
Ancestral Martial Starfield Utmost Exalted
All Heavens Starfield Utmost Exalted
Holy Light Starfield Martial Exalted
Hidden Dragon Starfield Half-God?
Holy Light Galaxy Martial Exalted - (True God - Protecters)
Nine Souls Galaxy Martial Exalted - (True God - Protecters)
Immortal Sea Galaxy Unknown
Totem Galaxy Half-God
Divine Body Galaxy Unknown
Seven Realms Galaxy Unknown
Heavenly Dome Galaxy Unknown
Bloodlines Galaxy Unknown
Immemorial Domain of Gods Unknown

Realm Details
Martial Lord The Lord realm. They had the might of a lord coming down from the heavens. Those who were able to enter that realm must have sufficient cultivating talent, and they were also the people who were recognized as absolute geniuses[4],
Martial King The King realm. They were the real kings and they were entirely worthy of being titled as Martial Kings. Those who entered that realm were not cultivators who had simple aptitude. They must have had gigantic opportunities and endless fortunes in order to step into that realm[4],
Martial Emperor The Emperor realm. A realm that completely surpassed the King realm. Those who were able to enter that realm were not ordinary. If they didn’t have a Divine Body, they would have unique blood. In brief, they must have potential that normal people did not have, and grasped abilities that normal people could not grasp.[4]
Martial Ancestor All the current realms were opened up by countless people from previous generations, but it was certainly not the last realm in martial cultivation. those who entered the Ancestor realm and became the Martial Ancestor were old monsters that were worshiped like Gods[4].


True Immortals, that realm above Martial Ancestors, are cultivators who have transcended the limits of their bodies[5],
Heavenly Immortal Heavenly Immortal would be the transformation[5]
Martial Immortal Martial Immortal would be the actual integration with Immortality[5]
Utmost Exalted
Martial Exalted
Half God
True God This is an unsurpassed realm of cultivation. People capable of stepping into this realm truly wield the power of gods.
Martial God This realm is the highest mentioned so far[6]. Nothing else is known about it yet.


  • It's hinted at that higher cultivation realms have maximum lifespans far exceeding 10,000 years (see God Bestowment Bamboo Slip). In the tale of two brothers it is said that they lived for tens of thousands of years simply training in the bamboo forest.
  • Once reaching the exalted realm, one can lengthen their lifespan (see Life Span). There is no set number for the maximum lifespan yet.

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