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The so-called Spiritual medicine was medicine that contained spiritual energy. There were different types, and spiritual medicine was divided into low quality, medium quality, high quality, and top quality.[1] These quality diferentiation can be said to Orgin, Profound, Heaven, Martial and so on... Beads are considered by standard a type of top quality medicine.


Natural Odditiy[]

Beside the usual cultivation recourses there are also many Natural Oddities. Natural Oddities often contain beserk energies. Those beserk energies are very dangerous and if they are absorbed they can damage your cultivation or even kill the person who absorbes them. But not all Natural Oddities contain beserk energies and those are great cultivation resources. Natural Oddities can be devided in 3 types.

  • Queer Objects: For example, they were flowers, grasses, trees formed by natural essence accumulation, or extremely strange rocks, or just some random odd things.

Those things, despite containing enormous power and even had intelligence and the ability to move, ultimately had different bodies than humans or beasts. So, they were named as Queer Objects.

  • Spiritual Beings: Spiritual Beings were similarly born from the accumulation of natural essence, but after maturation, not only would they acquire intelligence as well as power that belonged to themselves, they would even have a body of a human or a beast.

Spiritual Beings always take longer to form than Queer Objects, but after they do, they wil always be stronger. Some would then just hide within the mountains, some would just stir up chaos in a certain area, but one thing unquestionable was their strength. To take shape the time required for Spiritual Beings is several tens of thousands of years if short, several tens of millions of years if long

  • Sacred Entities are fated to be stronger than Queer Objects and Spiritual Beings. However, Sacred Entities are existences that people always feared and dared not to disturb.

The energy that they, regardless if they have a shape or not, contain is too berserk. It can simply not be used by cultivators, and those who dared to refine them were undoubtedly suicidal.

So, though Sacred Entities were powerful, in reality, they are useless to cultivators. They are only existences that people dreaded.