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Martial God Asura Wikia

Pre- Novel []


Volume 4 - A New Journey[]

The mountain was attacked by the Heavenly Law Palace and Mortal King Palace, but with the aid of their allies they were able to claim victory. Later on has a spirit protection formation created by Chu Feng and set up by him and other Dragon Mark Royal Cloak World Spiritists. As Chu Feng grew in reputation and power so did Cyanwood Mountain, becoming the leader of the Nine Powers of the Holy Land of Martialism. Cyanwood Mountain also became a power to rival the Heavenly Law Palace and Mortal King Palace, especially after their defeat and loss of their elites and elders to Dark Hall. This is because many Martial Emperors became guest elders and many young elites from all over the Holy Land of Martialism joined Cyanwood Mountain.

Cyanwood Sacred Assembly[]

Cyanwood Succession List[]

  1. Chu Feng
  2. Jiang Furong
  3. Bai Yunxiao
  4. Qi Yanyu
  5. Zhao Jingang
  6. Tao Xiangyu
  7. Ben Leihu

Core Divisions branch power[]

  1. Heaven Inquiring Division (Disbanded w/ death of leader)
  2. Lingyun’s Division (Disbanded w/ death of leader)
  3. Princess Division (Disbanded when leader joined Asura Division)
  4. Yanyu’s Division (Disbanded when leader joined Asura Division)
  5. Jingang’s Division (Disbanded when leader joined Asura Division)
  6. Peach Immortal Division (Disbanded when leader joined Asura Division)
  7. Beast King Division (Disbanded when leader joined Asura Division)
  8. Three Cyanwood Forests Division
  9. Ascension Division
  10. Orion Division
  11. Dragon Tiger Division (Forced dissolution by Asura Division)
  12. Asura Division
  • Smooth Steady Division (Assimilated by Asura Division)
  • Bingqi's Division

Medicine Concocting Department[]

There are a total of three management elders in the Medicine Concocting Department.

Punishment Department[]

Weaponry Refinement Department[]

Martial Skills Department[]

Guest Elders[]

  1. Compass Immortal
  2. Nangong Longjian
  3. Hong Qiang
  4. Zhang Ming (Zhang Tianyi's father)
  5. Lord Lianghua (Protector sent by Ancient Era Elves)
  6. 1000+ Martial Emperors saved in the Moonlight Maze.
  7. Weaponry Refinement Immortal
  8. Snow-haired Immortal
  9. Immeasurable Immortal Wu Liang (Former/Spy/Deceased)


  • Cyanwood Mountain Ancient Era Remnant/Forbidden Area
  • Cyanwood Mountain Sacred Assembly
  • Mission Hall
  • Ancient Era Immortal Pond/Needle
  • Firmament Medicine Garden

Subsidiary Powers[]