A rare, powerful, dangerous, and truly evil type of armament. Like all high level armaments they have both intelligence and their own will. However, unlike other armaments their natures can truly be considered dark and evil.

Demon Armaments could not be discussed alongside ordinary weapons. There were generally two characteristics that Demon Armaments possessed. One, they exhibited a frightening demonic nature. Two, they possessed heaven-defying might[1].

These types of armaments may start out at one level but they grow in power from all they devour. This not only accounts for lives they are used to take but also the other armaments they devour and destroy. Though it was thought practically impossible to destroy high level armaments but Demon armaments are capable of doing so. Even a Imperial Armament from the Ancient Era was defeated and devoured by a Demon Armament.

Demon Armament's blood-lust and hunger are so insatiable that Demon Armaments will even devour their own masters given the chance. Their master may survive this attempt by the Demon Armament but they will suffer terrible backlash. The backlash may be truly unavoidable for the more power and longer duration their master uses the Demon Armament, the greater the backlash.

Known Armaments Edit

Evil God Sword (Introduced as Incomplete Imperial Armament - Demon Level)

References Edit

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