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Divine Bodies are bestowed by the heavens. It is a special type of body. When that body is born, it is be accompanied by unusual displays in the world. Those unusual displays usually represent the special abilities grasped by a person who has a Divine Body as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the abilities.

A Divine Body is brought innately and the unusual displays also appears when one is born. The special abilities are also revealed after martial cultivation[1].

Even though Divine Bodies only occur naturally (bestowed by heaven) they can also be transplanted from one person to another by special methods. Currently the novel speaks of only one person that is capable of bringing about this miracle. That is the Ox-Nosed Old Daoist.

When extracted from the body it is kept inside a transparent bead, most probably a spirit formation or a special treasure.

Most of the Divine Powers listed in the Board of Divine Powers are either not yet in existence or have been taken away by powerful individuals[2].

Board of Divine Powers[]

Divine Bodies are ranked by their strength throughout the Starry Sky.

  1. Unknown
  2. Unknown
  3. Four Symbols Divine Body(Current Possesor Chu Feng)
  4. Unknown
  5. Unknown
  6. Unknown
  7. Unknown
  8. Unknown
  9. Unknown
  10. Four Fiends Divine Body(Current Possesor Wang Qiang)

Known Divine Bodies[]

Possessor Name Form Chapter
Qing Xuantian (Formerly) 4 Saint Beasts Divine Body Four Sacred Beasts Unknown
Chu Feng 3734
Zi Ling Purple Bell Divine Body Purple Bell 157
Tantai Xue Unknown Snow 960
Tao Xiangyu Unknown Peach Blossom Tree 1279
Zhao Jingang Unknown Body made of Radiant Golden Steel 1279
Qi Yanyu Unknown Armor of Raging Flames 1279
Bai Yunxiao Unknown Golden Bow of Light 1281
Nie Wan'er Unknown Fiery Bird 1470
Nie Xi'er Unknown Fiery Bird 1470
Yan Xie Unknown Purple Flames 1528
Evildoer Tie Unknown Giant Steel Eagle 1701
Du Wanwu Unknown Green Gaseous Flames 1667
Dugu Xingfeng Unknown Deep Blue Spear 1700
Zhan Qiankun Unknown Blue Body Made of Water 1765
Leng Yue Unknown Wind 1279
Leng Yue Unknown Lightning 1791
Luan Jie Unknown Deep Purple Spear 1985
Cao Yuxuan Unknown Blue Dagger 2168
Liu Xiaoli Unknown Purple Light 2215
Li Rui Unknown Light Yellow Gaseous Flames 2229
Kou Kang Unknown Armor made of Light Blue Gaseous Flames 2284
Di Jiuzhou Unknown Blue Gaseous Flames 2312
Ma Yue Unknown Purple Gas 2375
Ying Mingchao Unknown Wolf Face Made of Dark Green Light 2568
Wang Qiang Four Fiends Divine Body Four Ominous Fiends 3596
Xia Yun'er Unknown Armor of Icy Cyan Flames 2693
Yuwen Tingyi Unknown Body Made of Dazzling Silver Rocks 2780
Han Yu Unknown Thundercloud Tornado 2808
Kong Tianhui Purple Lightning Divine Body Purple Lightning 3529
Zhang Yanfeng Unknown Blue Dragon Armor 3560
Qin Kunlun Exalted Demon Divine Body Unknown Unknown
Wuming Yuanzhi Unknown Golden Lion 3645
Nangong Yifan Unknown Giant Warrior 3645
Yin Zhuanghong Unknown Blue Ice Mist 3827
Yin Daifen Unknown Green Mist 4427
Zhao Batian Unknown Clouds made of Blue Flames 4474
Hun Lei Unknown Blue Flames 4512
Xia Yan Unknown Giant Red Wolf 4792
Nangong Yuliu Unknown Ferocious Lion made of Green Flames 4780

Unknown Divine Bodies[]

  1. World Devastator Immortal (Immortal Mie Shi)
  2. Jiang Forung
  3. Baili Xinghe
  4. Zhou Zonghi
  5. Shentu Haoli
  6. Kong Ci
  7. Beiyang Luo
  8. Ox-Nosed Old Daoist
  9. Li Muzhi
  10. Xia Ran
  11. Yang Chen
  12. Song Zhi
  13. Zhao Xiaobu


  • The World Devastator Immortal has a Divine Body of unknown powers but it was implied that it has very destructive capabilities or appears very destructive as his title World Devastator Immortal is based on his Divine Body and the abnormal sign that appeared when he was born looked to be the start of an apocalyptic event.
  • Divine bodies cultivate by comprehending the divine power within them not by absorbing energy outside of them and the more they comprehend the more powerful they become and may also lead them to discover new abilities or further evolving and developing their Divine body .
  • Identical twins share between them one Divine Body allowing them to enhance each others power when fighting together and to even fuse together when they activate the power of their Divine Body further enhancing their power.
  • The most powerful and rarest of Divine Bodies have multiple forms and grant multiple abilities/powers for example 4 Symbols and 4 Fiends Divine Bodies which are recorded as the 3rd and 10th strongest Divine Bodies both when activated take on 4 separate forms.
  • There are rare cultivation treasures and medicinal pills that can boost the power of a Divine Body.
  • To date only the Human Race seems to be blessed with Divine Bodies.
  • Under normal circumstances one can not possess both a Divine Body and a Heavenly Lightning Bloodline only by going through a very gruelling and protracted process with powerful and exceptionally rare treasures can one possess both.
  • Only two people to date possess both a Divine Body and Heavenly Lightning Bloodline one being Chu Feng and the other has yet to be revealed but Ox-Nosed Old Daoist has hinted the person has powerful and close ties to Chu Feng.
  • It is possible to steal, transform, store, and transfer Divine Bodies through poisons, spirit techniques, treasures, and other processes not yet revealed by example for stealing Zi Ling was given a poison that would allow someone to steal her Divine Body through copulation when she came of age. Example for transforming is Qing Xuantain transformed the 4 Symbols Divine Body into the 4 Symbols Secret Skills through his spirit techniques. Example for storing and transfer is Ox-Nosed Old Daoist carries on him the Ghostfire Divine Body stored in a glass like bead on him which he offered Chu Feng for his help one time.
  • Only one Divine Body can exist within a host at a time if the host tries to gain a second or more Divine Body by whatever means the Divine Bodies will come into conflict an destroy the host's body and soul.
  • There can be only be one of any Divine Body in existence at a time twins don't count as two as they share the same Divine Body.
  • Divine Bodies are continuously reborn throughout the Starry Sky and Realms as proof there is a recorded ranking list of the 10 most powerful Divine Bodies meaning that these Divine Bodies have been seen multiple times throughout time but born to different hosts at different times.