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The Divine Lightning Affliction is a hindrance on the path of martial cultivation for Heavenly Lightning Bloodline possessors who practice the Divine Punishment Mysterious Art.

The Divine Lightning Affliction will not happen naturally, it requires one to successfully practice the complete Divine Punishment Mysterious Art and also has a harsher requirement, talent. One must be able to reach the 9th step on the Nine Levels Heavenly Lightning Steps before they can be experience the affliction. The affliction makes it harder for someone to reach a breakthrough in their cultivation, but if one is able to surpass it they'll reach a metamorphosis. The benefits gained from the Lightning Affliction cannot be described as small. There are Nine Levels of the Lightning Affliction, meaning one will meet and must surpass the Lightning Affliction 9 times in their entire lives if they want to continue to improve. Those who are able to meet their first Lightning Affliction at the Utmost Exalted realm are known as Geniuses. However, Chu Feng was able to meet his first Lightning Affliction at 8th Rank Exalted, showing his talents are beyond those of Geniuses, a Genius among Geniuses.

Divine Lighting Afflictions
Number Chapter Cultivation at Encounter Cultivation Achieved
1 4134 8th Rank Exalted 9th Rank Exalted
2 - -
3 - -
4 - -
5 - -
6 - -
7 - -
8 - -
9 - -

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