The Divine Punishment Mysterious Art is the most Legendary of all Self Punishment Mysterious Arts, the most powerful as well as the most difficult to train in. This Legendary Punishment Art is so scarce that it is nearly impossible to find Heavenly Clans in possession of it. Even if one does possess it, it is impossible for normal people to ever cultivate it. Only Geniuses whose Bloodline purity is close to the peak can cultivate it successfully. Unlike other Punishment Arts this one can only by cultivated when one reaches the Half-Martial Ancestor Realm and not the Emperor Realm.

To make advances in ones cultivation while using the Divine Punishment Mysterious Art one must have abundant Natural Energy of the world present in their Dantians and gain the required Dao Comprehension needed to advance to the next level. With each advancement in cultivation level while practicing the Divine Punishment Mysterious Art the difficulty of advancing further increases. When all requirements are met one will then trigger the Punishment that accompanies the Mysterious Art, which is known as the Divine Punishment. This punishment involves summoning Divine Lightning from beyond the starry sky to attack them as a form of tempering, and unlike other Punishment Arts if the one receiving the punishment fails to endure they will be destroyed in body and soul. There are only two choices when cultivating this Mysterious Art, either succeed or die as there is no second chance. It is for this reason that people do not dare to try to cultivate it.

As the most supreme of all Punishment Arts, the Divine Punishment Mysterious Art has complete sovereignty over all Heavenly Bloodlines through what is known as Bloodline Suppression. This feeling of Bloodline Suppression affects all users of Heavenly Bloodline regardless of their age or their cultivation base as it has nothing to do with one's individual power but rather an innate inferiority of one's Bloodline. Even within those who practice the Divine Punishment Mysterious Art there is a difference in Levels, as someone whose Bloodline Purity and Talent are extremely high can still suppress those who also cultivates the Punishment Art.

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Divine Lightning Affliction is a special innate trait that only someone who is able to cultivate the Divine Punishment Mysterious Art to its absolute peak has the privilege of conjuring. Those who can succeed in the Divine Lightning Affliction are able to further purify their Bloodline and have their strength explosively increase.

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