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The Dragon Clan also known as the Long Clan, is an extremely powerful existence in the Holy Light Galaxy. The Dragon Clan is the Overlord of the Totem Starfield, which is one of the Six Upper Starfields in the Holy Light Galaxy. The Dragon Clan also possesses an impure, but powerful innate bloodline known as the Dragon Bloodline.

The clan originates from the Totem Galaxy, though it is unknown whether they are a direct branch of the Totem Dragon Clan. However, due to being a relatively small and weak clan in the Totem Galaxy, they migrated to the Holy Light Galaxy.

Bloodline Purity[]

After migrating to the Holy Light Galaxy, the upper echelons of the clan came to a decision. In order to maintain the purity of their bloodline and the future of the clan, weaker members and those possessing lower quality bloodlines were expelled from the clan and became outcasts.

Those who were expelled became workers for the clan in order to gain resources that could help them grow. Despite this, those banished still retain a form of status as they are allowed to bear the Dragon Clan title plate, though that of an inferior quality that is easily identified even by those outside of the clan. The Ancestral Martial Dragon City is one of such branches that was expelled from the main Clan.

This is slightly ironic as no one in the Dragon Clan as a whole possess a very pure Dragon Bloodline, or at least to the level that they grow dragon features such as horns and scales (until Long Xiaoxiao absorbed the True Dragon Skeleton).

Battle Prowess[]

As the rulers of one of the six Upper Starfields, the Dragon Clan is one of the most powerful forces in the Holy Light Galaxy. All of its noted members, including those of the younger generation have reached the level of at least Utmost Exalted, while the highest ranking members having reached Martial Exalted.

Long Ao (Clan Chief) - 3rd Rank Martial Exalted

Long Xiaoxiao (Strongest Talent) - 7th Rank Utmost Exalted

Supreme Elders - Peak Utmost Exalted to 2nd Rank Martial Exalted

Elders - High Utmost Exalted

Juniors - Utmost Exalted