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Hello and welcome to the Martial God Asura Wiki!

Here you can find current guidelines for editing and commenting, such as language, formatting, color picking and more!

Language and Writing Style


This wiki uses English as it's main written language. Edits made using other languages will be overwritten.

Wiki tools may exist to allow users to write in other languages while giving users the option to switch between them. If you are interested in making this happen please contact an admin!


This wiki uses English (United States) for all content. Please refrain from mixing English (United Kingdom) or others with content, and especially no rewriting content that already exists in English (United States).

Writing Style

All content unless in a blog or discussion post must be written from an unbiased perspective and in formal English.

An exception to the unbiased perspective can be allowed for notes on the translators opinions of characters and developments.


All pages should follow standard formatting. The source code for various items can be found below:

Page Layout

The basic page layout for any character is outlined below (do not include content in-between the ***):

{{Infobox Character}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is ...

__TOC__ ***This line is to specify where the table of contents goes***
== Appearance ==

== Personality ==

== Pre-Novel ==
This section is for events occurring before the novel officially starts.

== Novel ==
This section is for events occurring after the novel officially starts.

== Martial Artist Cultivation ==
{| class="article-table article-table-selected" style="font-size:16px;"
![[Cultivation Ranks]]
|<Cultivation Rank>
|<Chapter> (e.g:[ 2668])

== World Spiritist Cultivation ==
{| class="article-table article-table-selected" style="font-size:16px;"
![[World spiritists|Spirit Power]]
|<World Spritist Rank>
|<Chapter> (e.g:[ 2668])

== Quotes ==

== Trivia ==

== References ==

{{Navbox Characters}}

The introduction must follow on the line right after the infobox ends, and must be the first piece of written content on the page.

The introduction is not headed by any section title!


This is to be used instead of writing out the name of a character, so that if the name is changed at a later point in time, all instances of that name will automatically update!


The basic infobox layout is outlined below:

{{Infobox Character
|Name= {{PAGENAME}}
|World Spiritist Bloodline=
|Cultivation Rank=
|Spirit Power=
|Current Affiliation=
|Sworn Brother(s)=
|Friend(s)= [[Friend 1]]<br>[[Friend 2]]
|Chapter= [ Chapter xxxx]

The infoboxes automatically assign categories based on the user input.

The above template shows the most common inputs a page would require, but there are other optional inputs that can be found on the source page for the template.

Table of Contents

The table of contents must be inserted below the first paragraph of the page.

It can be inserted by typing the following onto the page.


Tables can be formatted slightly differently based on the content, but a basic template can be found below:

{| class="article-table mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="background:transparent;font-size:80%;width:100%; border:1px #2f4f4f solid;"
! colspan="3" style="border:1px #2f4f4f solid;background:#2f4f4f;text-align:center;" |TABLE TITLE
| style="text-align:left;width:30%;" |COLUMN TITLE 1
| style="text-align:center;width:10%;" |COLUMN TITLE 2
| style="text-align:center;width:60%;" |COLUMN TITLE 3
| style="text-align:left;" |ROW 1 COLUMN 1
| style="text-align:left;" |ROW 2 COLUMN 1
  • colspan
    Specifies the number of columns, in this case it's three (3).
  • | style="text-align:left;width:30%;"
    Text align can be 'left', 'center', or 'right'. The width is to be adjusted based on necessity, but must add up to 100%.
  • |-
    Denotes a new row.
  • |
    Denotes a new column.


All pages MUST include references where possible. References can be added using:

<ref>URL Chapter xxx</ref>

For example, a chapter reference to chapter 2668 would look like this:

<ref>[ Chapter 2668]</ref>

And the result would look like this[1]. Refer to the bottom of the page to see it in the references list. The last section of a page must include the following tag:


Information that does not include references, may be removed. Make sure they are included please, references help ensure that information is correct.


The wiki uses one main color for its theme and tables: #2f4f4f


Templates should not be touched unless by an admin or someone with permission from an admin.

This is to prevent inexperienced people from tampering with templates and introducing errors, as well as to prevent vandalism. Users are free to view template source code so that they may copy it and test it out in their own spaces.

Useable Templates

Below are some templates that you might find useful when editing:

  • {{Citation Needed}}
    More information on the use of this template can be found here.
  • {{Notice}}
    More information on the use of this template can be found here.
  • {{Under Construction}}
    More information on the use of this template can be found here.
  • {{Spoiler Warning}}
    More information on the use of this template can be found here.
  • {{Quote}}
    More information on the use of this template can be found here.
  • {{TL Warning}}
    More information on the use of this template can be found here.
  • {{Reflist}}
    More information on the use of this template can be found here.


  • Spoiler warnings are general, and should go at the top of a page.
  • TL Warnings are specific to content not translated yet, and are treated as a sub-level of the 'Spoiler Warning'. They go directly above non-translated content.

Rules and Penalties

The following sections display the rules and penalties for editing and commenting on the Martial God Asura Wiki. You are allowed to appeal any of these penalties by contacting an Admin with your reasoning.


Vandalism is defined as anything that intentionally disrupts the content on a page. This could be things like but not limited to:

  1. Mass removal of information
  2. Inserting intentionally misleading information
  3. Inserting inappropriate language onto the page


The rules for commenting are as follows:

  1. Language in the comments section should refrain from using swear words as much as possible, however it is allowed in moderation.
  2. Spreading false information is prohibited.
  3. No spamming
  4. Commenting to express your views on the author are allowed however, they must not violate rules #1, #2 and #3

Actions that would result in a penalty:

  • Excessive use of foul language
  • Spreading false information
  • Spamming

Complaints about the editing community not having added information will not result in a penalty, but will be deleted UNLESS they are in a constructive manner. This is especially annoying when the person complaining has never edited in their life. Editors do the work for free, and in their own time. In a nutshell, don't whinge about things.

Comments violating the rules will also be deleted.


Penalties are the same for all rules, and are as follows:

  • 1st offence - 1 Day Ban
  • 2nd offence - 3 Day Ban
  • 3rd offence - 1 Week Ban

Bans after the 3rd offense will be a minimum of 1 month, and on a case-by-case basis. Permanent bans will usually not be handed out, however on a gross violation of fandom and community guidelines this may be given.

Do NOT ban evade. Rules on this are the same as anywhere else. You will be banned for a month if you are caught ban evading.


Feel free to message myself or any other admin here if you need help, we'll be happy to do so!

If you think that we can add important information to this page, or if the information is outdated, let us know!

Have fun editing!

RinsibleOne62 (talk) 04:39, 21 December 2020 (UTC+11)

References (For earlier example)