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Eggy is a world spirit from the Asura Spirit World. She was sealed in Chu Feng's spirit world by his mother (Jie Ranqing).


"Milady Queen" (referred to as "Eggy" by Chu Feng). A short, slender, "well developed" and young looking lady. Described by Chu Feng as the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen, even above Su Mei, Su Rou, and even the Divine Bodied Zi Ling.

Pre Novel

Eggy sealed as an 'egg' inside Chu Feng's world spirit space.

She was sealed in Chu Feng’s spirit world by Jie Ranqing since she was born. After being unsealed, she formed a Spirit Connection Contract, and with that, Chu Feng was able to freely use Spirit Formations. Compared to Chu Feng who can basically use cultivation resources and natural oddities to progress his cultivation, Eggy has to use the Source Energy in order to advance in cultivation. It is evident that for at least the first half of the novel her battle power is greater than Chu Feng's even though sometimes her cultivation level may be lower. Other than when Chu Feng refutes her for most matters if she is to be refuted by anyone else, even if that person is stronger than her, she will instantly get angry and unless Chu Feng calms her down. When she speaks, she says “this queen” instead of “I” (though left as “I” when translated), giving some hints of her background. In the translated, there was no one who knew her original power. At times, Eggy has a higher cultivation rank than Chu Feng and lends it to him when fighting significantly higher rank opponents. She has hinted that her cultivation before being sealed was somewhere in the Martial Emperor Realm, possibly even Martial Ancestor.


Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity

She appears first in Chapter 63 - Bizarre Main Hall, after Chu Feng touch the Imperial Sky Sage's Technique. But we don't see her until[1]

Volume 2 - Sweeping Through the Nine Provinces

Volume 3 - Eastern Sea Region

Volume 4 - A New Journey

Volume 5 - The Battle of the Overlord Domain

Volume 6 - Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm

Her cultivation, which was originally a Rank 7 Martial Emperor, was unsealed by Chu Feng[2]. Because Jie Ranqing's seal accumulated source energy, making her require more source energy to reach breakthroughs, she had the cultivation of Rank 6 Half Martial Ancestor after the seal was broken.

Volume 9 - Birth of Asura

She finally made re-appearance during the fight between Yu Sha and Gongsun Yuntian's Asura World Spirit[3]. Eggy also given Death God's Edge that Chu Feng obtained from Heaven-reaching Armory Pagoda [4].


Chu Feng
At first, she just helps Chu Feng because she wants him to release her from his spirit world. However, as time goes on, and she begins to understand how much Chu Feng cares about her, and so she begins to show concern for Chu Feng when he is in a perilous situation. She goes as far as using forbidden techniques and taboos to save him.

She is not romantically engaged with Chu Feng yet, however she is stated to be part of his harem due to her promising to marry him if he becomes the strongest person in the Starry Sky[citation needed].

Martial Artist Cultivation

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
9th Rank Spirit Realm 116
1st Rank Origin Realm 117
1st Rank Profound Realm 154 Above Zi Ling 1st Rank Profound Realm
3rd Rank Profound Realm 265
4th Rank Profound Realm 413
5th Rank Profound Realm 419
7th Rank Profound Realm 429
9th Rank Profound Realm 441
2nd Rank Heaven Realm 489
6th Rank Heaven Realm 574
1st Rank Martial Lord 698 5
2nd Rank Martial Lord 750 5
8th Rank Martial Lord 983 5
5th Rank Martial King 1224 5
9th Rank Martial King 1577 5
3rd Rank Half Martial Emperor 1786 6
6th Rank Half Martial Ancestor 2193 4 (+ default (3)=7)
7th Rank Half Martial Ancestor 2305 4
9th Rank Half Martial Ancestor 2389 4
2nd Rank Martial Ancestor 2455 5
9th Rank Martial Ancestor 2547 5
5th Rank True Immortal 2892 6
1st Rank Martial Exalted 4645 Unknown




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