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Evil Spirits are Spirits that have escaped the control of a World Spiritist and roam the material world freely. Evil Spirits are always of the Heaven Realm or higher.[1] Like World Spirits, Evil Spirits must refine Source Energy to raise their cultivation. To do this, they will often seek out and murder any living thing that they can find to harvest their source energy. The targets of Evil Spirits may be anything from wild animals, to innocent non-cultivating humans and monstrous beasts, to the most powerful cultivators that the Evil Spirit can find. Evil Spirits are even more than willing to refine the Source Energy of other Evil Spirits.

It is because of their betrayal of their World Spiritist, their mercilessness, and cruelty that these spirits are refereed to as "Evil" Spirits. Evil Spirits have numerous other methods which earn them their titles. Some Evil Spirits create Forbidden Mysterious Techniques which can allow a normal cultivator to seemingly rise greatly in power by cultivating a demon within. Little known to the cultivator is that once the demon, an Evil Spirit, grows strong enough, it will attempt to take over the cultivators body and mind. Eggy has stated that creators of Forbidden Mysterious Techniques are definitely not good individuals. Often being evil cultivators and demons.

Evil Spirits can also be considered as Demons and Devil Cultivators. They can be restrained by powerful Spirit Formations known as Anti-Demon Symbols, which are used extensively throughout the Emperor Tomb of the Azure Province.

Within the Ghost Horn Forest's forbidden area Chu Feng encountered an Evil Spirit.[1]

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