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He rapes and kills wantonly, generally because he desires something/someone from an individual or from a clan. He has killed Tens of Millions of people including Aunt Lian's (Nangong Lian) husband and daughter (supposedly because he felt they were too close to each other and Tie did not like that).

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One of the Five Great Evildoers.

Chu Feng first meets Evildoer Tie at the Heavenly Law Auction when he is trying to obtain Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones. Chu Feng and his group bid against Tie time and time again, eventually angering him,due to the fact he won a bidding contest between him and Chu Feng but lost because he overbid and had to turn over 98 Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones. What he did not know was that Chu Feng was the seller and had won twice because of tricking Tie and the profits he made from the sale. He then insults Aunt Lian and Chu Feng and is eventually forced to leave the auction.

When Chu Feng pick up the Dragon Mark Stones, he realizes that Tie had left an spiritual imprint to later ambush whomever got his stones. Chu Feng and the rest plan ahead and try to lure out Tie.

The plan backfires when they discovers that Tie is not just a Rank One Martial Emperor, but also a Divine body with an actual Incomplete Imperial Armament. Tie quickly suppresses Aunt Lian, also a Rank One Martial Emperor with an Imperial Bloodline, and captures Chu Feng with his friends. As Chu Feng's life is hanging in the balance, a mysterious expert intervenes and suppresses Tie. Tie, injured and now fearful is allowed to flea from the mysterious expert , who turned out to be the Weaponry Refinement Immortal who was helping out Chu Feng in secret.

Later on, after a few weeks, Chu Feng meets Tie when he is scheming with Beitang Zhiqiang, Beitang Zimo, The Black and White Skulls of the Black Fiend, and the Black Fiend themselves to steal the Invisible Dew of the Lou Clan from the Five Poisons Mountain. Since there last encounter, Tie is immensely afraid of the mysterious backer behind Chu Feng and wants nothing but to flee. But he is later threatened by Beitang Zhiqiang that he will destroy Tie' s reputation and kill him if he doesn't help kill Chu Feng.

To Chu Feng's surprise, Dugu Xingfeng appears and saves Chu Feng from Beitang Zhiqiang's fatal attack and fights both Beitang Zhiqiang and Tie simultaneously. Even more shockingly Dugu Xingfeng reveals that he is now a Rank One Martial Emperor and also a divine body. He is able to fight off both attackers to a stalemate despite one having an Imperial Bloodline and the other also being a divine body. When Tie takes out his Incomplete Imperial Armament, Baili Xuankong reveals himself as a Rank Three Martial Emperor and suppresses Tie and his allies. Being a member of the Cyanwood Mountain's Secret Assembly, he is Chu Feng's ally and due to that fact he ends Evildoer Tie and the rest lives with just using his Martial Emperor power.

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Cultivation Ranks Chapter
1st Rank Martial Emperor 1619

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Spirit Power Chapter
Royal Cloak - Snake Mark 1618

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