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Volume 4 - A New Journey Edit

Chu Feng came here to look for Hong Qiang. After some events, Hong Qiang became Headmaster of Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest and Chu Feng Headmaster of Colorful Bamboo Forest Division.

After Hong Qiang obtained item which he wanted from Discarded Bamboo Forest he left Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.

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Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest is divided into six separate forest divisions. From strongest to weakest are:

  1. Colorful Bamboo Forest
  2. Golden Bamboo Forest
  3. Silver Bamboo Forest
  4. Iron Bamboo Forest
  5. Copper Bamboo Forest
  6. Discarded Bamboo Forest

Members Edit

management elders of the Colorful Bamboo Forest, Jiang Chenshan

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