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Gong Luyun is in the azure school who is considered the number one genius in the whole school .

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Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity Edit

Chu Feng offends the guy because he doesn't lower his head and the guy is obviously cocky and gets pissed. So, they arrange a battle (for the next year) that they will meet up and fight to the death. A lot of minor details happen in-between but those are mostly unimportant. The main deal is that before the fight happened, Gong Luyun exterminated the entire Chu Family (including his adoptive father, except for a select few like his brother and the chu disciples from azure school). Chu Feng gets super pissed and extinguished Gong Luyun's entire family as well, and then on the day that they meet up to fight to the death, Chu Feng surpasses Gong Luyun significantly and surprises everyone. He also kills Gong Luyun in front of his dad, then after some events, Gong Luyun's dad is killed too (by Chu Feng).

P.S. If you're worried about Chu Feng's adoptive father and family being exterminated (from Nine Provinces Continent), they all get revived back after the holy land of martialism arc (through some spirit formation technique provided by Chu Xuanyuan).

 Martial Artist Cultivation Edit

Cultivation Ranks Chapter
1st Rank Profound Realm 130
4th Rank Profound Realm 243


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