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Martial God Asura Wikia


The Power to fight the enemy that have higher rank.

  • Ex: 2nd Rank Half Martial Emperor (+5 Heaven Defying Force) x 4th Rank Half Martial Emperor (+2 Heaven Defying Force). The first one is stronger (2+5 = 7) than the second (4+2 = 6). On normal circumstances the first one would win.

The higher the ranking, it becomes more common to find people with higher Heaven Defying Battle Power. Divine Bodies, Bloodline Inheritors and some Special Background usually in the novel have better HDBP.

What could be said is that +3 HDBP becomes the normal standard (everyone has) for Martial Artists Cultivators on later novel.

Observation on Novel[]

From Half Martial Ancestor Realm upwards the Novel considers that everyone has +3. So, although Chu Feng has +6 on Half Martial Ancestor Realm and +7 on Martial Ancestor Realm, it is considered only +3 on HMA and +4 on MA since Volume 6 onwards .[1]

Normal People HDBP[]

  1. Spirit Realm: 0
  2. Origin Realm: 0
  3. Profound Realm: 0
  4. Heaven Realm: 0
  5. Martial Lord: 0-2
  6. Martial King: 0-3
  7. Half Martial Emperor: 1-3
  8. Martial Emperor: 3[2] (already considered 0 by the novel)
  9. Half Martial Ancestor: 3[2] (already considered 0 by the novel)
  10. Martial Ancestor: 3[2] (already considered 0 by the novel)
  11. True Immortal: 0[3]
  12. Heavenly Immortal: 0[3]
  13. Martial Immortal: 0[3]
  14. Exalted:
  15. Utmost Exalted:
  16. Martial Exalted:
  17. Half God:
  18. True God:
  19. Martial God:


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  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 3 HDBP is considered default for all individuals at these levels.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Divine Power, Bloodline Powers, and HDBP are sealed by default. Unsealing them is possible.