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The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is overlord of the Hidden Dragon Starfield. The overall strength of the sect is currently unknown but there are signs that indicate the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is much stronger than the overlords of the other five Upper Starfields respectively. Their elusive strength is further hinted at via the fact that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect have was stated the Holy Light Clan no longer possess the qualifications to visit their sect, as they have grown weak.


Hidden Dragon Selection Formation[]

After the creation of the sect, a testing formation was built to assess prospective juniors who wished to join the sect. However, from the beginning till now, no junior has been able to successfully pass the test designated by the sect. The reason for this being that the requirements demanded by the sect were ridiculously high and it was impossible for juniors of the Holy Light Galaxy.

The requirements as stated by Ox-Nosed Old Daoist were to be a junior within a hundred years of age and possessing a cultivation base of at least 4th Rank Utmost Exalted. However those were the minimum requirements to gain qualification to use the testing formation, in order to pass one would need a cultivation of 9th Rank Utmost Exalted.

There are 6 tests within the formation and one must pass at least 2 of these tests to be considered to have successfully passed. These tests are as follows[1]:

  • Enlightenment: This test demands that one must gain comprehension in one of the various martial skills presented to them before the time limit ends[1]
  • Martial: This is a test of one's martial strength and prowess. The test begins against a single opponent with the same level as the one being tested but possessing average level battle power. As the opponent is defeated a second wave will appear bringing with it two opponents and stronger battle power. There are a total of 18 waves and at its peak there are 18 opponents at peak utmost exalted who can combine to form a very powerful formation[1]
  • Spirit: There are two stages to this test. The first stage tests one observation skills and abilities of breaking formations with their spirit technique. If one is able to complete this stage they will be transported to another area where the strength of their spirit bloodline will be put to the test[1]
  • Wisdom: This test seals ones cultivation base and spirit power, effectively turning the person into a mortal. The essence of the test is to use the materials within the illusion world to escape before the time limit of one year[1]
  • Compassion: This is a test of the moral values of an individual. This test will place the individual in a formation where they must make a decision to help a group of people at the risk of their own pain and suffering[1]
  • Potential: This test puts one in a world filled with darkness where the only source of light is a step that one must climb. Climbing the steps gradually brightens the world but with each step that is risen the difficulty also increases. This test not only tests ones talent but also their will and perseverance[1]

Manual Selection[]

Due to the fact that no one could successfully pass the tests set by the Hidden Dragon Selection Formation the sect decided to go another route. Once every year elders of the sect scour the entire galaxy in search of juniors they deem as talented. However before the junior becomes a member of the sect they must be tested and deemed to have met the standards of the sect.

There are three tests one must go through before they are accepted into the sect[2];

  • Test of Willpower[2]
  • Test of Potential[2]
  • Test of Lineage[2]


In the sect, other than one's family background or personal strength, the thing that determines a person's status is Talent. The more talented a junior is the more expectation they garner from the sect. A person's talent also decides which of the 4 branches of the sect a person joins.

Disciples of the sect usually compete in tests of talent to prove their superiority over another. Talent in the sect is divided into 6 groups;

Talent Colour(Level) Description Sect Branch Notable Characters
White Level This is the weakest and most ordinary level of talent in the sect.

It is unknown how far someone possessing this level can reach in their cultivation.

Northern Tortoise Hall
Grey Level Northern Tortoise Hall

South Vermillion Hall

Blue Level Those with this talent are seen as good seeds that can be nurtured by the sect.

If given proper guidance one is able to reach Utmost Exalted by 100 years of age.

South Vermillion Hall

West Tiger Hall

East Dragon Hall(Possibility)

Hua Xu
Purple Level This is known as a first grade talent in the sect. It is also the highest grade a "normal" person can possess.

So far this level of talent is not rare but neither is it common.

Those with this level of talent are guaranteed to reach Utmost Exalted within the age of 100.

West Tiger Hall

East Dragon Hall

Song Xi

Tu Yuanyuan

Gold Level This is a level of talent only the best of the best in the sect possess.

Guaranteed to reach Martial exalted within 100 years of age.

East Dragon Hall Xia Yan

Zuoqiu Youyu

Zuoqiu Yanliang

Zi Ling

Bi Jingjing

God Level This is the rarest level of talent recognized in the sect.

Guaranteed to easily reach Martial Exalted within 100 years of age.

Possesses unmatched power within the realm level of cultivation.

East Dragon Hall

Northern Tortoise Hall

Dugu Lingtian

Chu Feng

Sect Branches[]

The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is strictly divided into four distinct branches along with the outer sect. The outer sect is a place where those who are seen to have no future in the sect are placed. The elders of the outer sect carry out different types of duties, one of which is disciple recruitment from the outside world. If an outer sect elder manages to bring in a disciple who passes the sects assessment they would receive rewards in the form of cultivation resources.

The branches of the sect from strongest to weakest are[3]:

  1. East Dragon Hall[3]
  2. West Tiger Hall[3]
  3. South Vermilion Hall[3]
  4. North Tortoise Hall[3]
  5. Outer Hall[3]

It is said that irrespective of which of the branches one joins that they would receive the same level of training as the other branches. However, the higher the branch the stronger the talents within them are and the greater the fame one will possess.

Members are permitted to the branches for a period of one year, after which they will be removed to the outer sect unless they fulfil certain cultivation goals[4].

While there is a large disparity in the perceived strength of each branch, they are in fact of equal standing. They even receive mostly the same cultivation methods. The only difference is that the elders and disciples differ in strength[4].



The creator and founder of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is a mysterious and elusive cultivator. Even within the sect itself no one has ever come in contact or even seen him before, the only proof of his existence are documents he left behind as well as formations. The founder is seen as a true god level cultivator and a True Dragon worlds spiritist.

The founder left various powerful formation in the sect, all of which became the backbone of the sect and are seen as holy places by disciples.

Sect Master and Vice-Sect Master[]

Sect Master
Preceded by Incumbent Succeeded by Chapter
Unknown Sect Master of previous generation[5] Hidden Dragon Martial Sect Sect Master[6] Pre-Novel
Unknown Hidden Dragon Martial Sect Sect Master Unknown Pre-Novel
Vice Sect Master
Preceded by Incumbent Succeeded by Chapter
Unknown Unknown Hidden Dragon Martial Sect's Vice Sect Master Pre-Novel
Unknown Hidden Dragon Martial Sect's Vice Sect Master Unknown Pre-Novel
Hidden Dragon Martial Sect's Vice Sect Master (Deceased by suicide) Unknown Unknown 4839[7]

Ten Great Hidden Dragon Elders[]

Within the sect these Ten Great Hidden Dragon Elders wield authority only beneath that of the Sect Master and Vice Sect Master.


Ten Great Hidden Dragon Disciples[]

Within the sect these ten juniors possess the greatest level of status, talent and cultivation bases. Any one of these ten can easily be seen as the strongest junior in the Holy Light Galaxy if allowed into the outside world. Li Muzhi who possesses a cultivation base of 8th Utmost Exalted and Dragon Mark Saint Cloak - Dragon Transformation Sensation 3rd Level is among these ten disciples.

  1. Wen Xue (Renounced), Chu Feng - 8th Rank Martial Exalted, Saint Cloak - Dragon Mark (9th Rank Dragon Transformation Sensation)
  2. Xia Yan - 2nd Rank Martial Exalted, Saint Cloak - Dragon Mark (4th Rank Dragon Transformation Sensation)[12]
  3. Song Qian - 2nd Rank Martial Exalted[12]
  4. Zi Ling - 1st rank Martial Exalted[12]
  5. Mingtian Jiaoao - 1st Rank Martial Exalted[12]
  6. Duanmu Xiang - 9th Rank Utmost Exalted[12]
  7. Duanmu Yang - 9th Rank Utmost Exalted[12]
  8. Li Muzhi - 9th Rank Utmost Exalted, Saint Cloak - Dragon Mark (3rd Rank Dragon Transformation Sensation)[13]


  1. Zuoqiu Youyu - 3rd Rank Martial Exalted[14] (Formerly, Now Deceased)[15]
  2. Zuoqiu Yanliang - 3rd Rank Martial Exalted[14] (Formerly, Now Deceased)[16]

True Disciples[]

Within the sect these 100 juniors possess the greatest level of talent, status and cultivation bases after the 10 Hidden Dragon Disciples.

  1. Nangong Yuliu - 9th Rank Utmost Exalted[11] (Formerly, Now Deceased)[17]

Locations/Training Grounds[]

  • Wintry Spirit Waterfall:[18] This is a training ground focused on helping disciples attain comprehension on martial skills. However it is useless those with relatively good talent, so only weaker disciples use it. It opens on the 15th day of every month and stays open for 15 days.
  • Snowy Heavenly Peak[19]: Located in a snow region in the sect, this training ground focuses on heightening the comprehension abilities of disciples. There is a spirit formation present at the base of the mountain that tests ones perseverance and the height one reaches is determined by this test. The higher on the mountain one practices the greater the effects granted.
  • Auxiliary Spirit Formations: These formations were personally set up by the founder of the sect. Their main purpose is in helping world Spiritists build and strengthen their own spirit formations. There are in total 5 such formations in the sect.
  • Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Pavilion: This is where the martial skills of the sect are placed. The pavilion is divided into 3 sections, the first is able to be accessed by anyone in the sect however the skills there are relatively low level. The second can only be accessed by True Disciples of the sect or someone with a Cultivation of 1st Rank Martial Exalted and possesses Rank 5 and 6 Exalted Taboo Martial Skills. The third can only be accessed by Hidden Dragon Disciples or someone with a cultivation of 3rd Rank Martial Exalted. It is unknown what level of skills are at this level.
  • Blackwater Six Fingers Lake: This is a training ground for new disciples that open only once every 5 years. By tempering ones body in these pools it will better enable them sense and absorb the abundant heaven and earth energy in the sect. How far one can reach in the tempering process determines their compatibility with the energy of the sect.
  • Fierce Beasts Prison World: This is a ground only True Disciples and Hidden Dragon Disciples can enter. There are a multitude of fierce beasts present here and killing these beasts offer assistance to the cultivation. Their marrow contains world energies that can be absorbed and their bones possess martial dao comprehension. The higher ranked the beasts killed the greater the benefits received.
  • Hidden Dragon Illusory Palace: This is a secret inheritance ground personally built by the founder and hidden within the Fierce Beast Prison World. Until the arrival of Chu Feng to the sect, this secret ground was a total unknown to everyone in the sect. The process of gaining recognition to open the ground is so difficult that not even the esteemed Dugu Lingtian was able to pull it off. According to Chu Feng, after one steps into the magic palace they will be subjected to a test illusion where there are varying degrees of difficulty involved, but if one is able to pass this test they will be able to obtain what they most need at the time. Besides Chu Feng no one else was able to pass the test of the magic palace.
  • Seven Realms Galaxy Teleportation Formation:[20] The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect contains a very powerful teleportation formation capable of transporting people directly to the Seven Realms Galaxy very quickly.
  • Yin-Yang Dry Well[21]: This place is said to be the resting place of the founder of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. Disciples can or cannot get advantage by cultivating there as it depends on luck. The current Sect Master got the most advantage as she got a five level increase in her cultivation in one day by cultivating there whereas the most talented person of the past Dugu Lingtian got no benefit from it.
  • Snowdomain Divine Palace[22]

*Both the Blackwater Six Fingers Lake and Fierce Beasts Prison World are connected but not known to most disciples.

Sect Treasures[]

  • Heavenly Lightning Bugs - These are bug like creatures reminiscent of the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline as they also possess nine colored lightning. They were created by the Hidden Dragon Founder for the purpose of testing the potential of a Heavenly Bloodline. The higher the number of lightnings one is able to handle, the higher the potential of their bloodline.
  • All-encompassing Net - This is another treasure created by the Hidden Dragon Founder for the purpose of testing ones talent. This is a one time use item so once it is used it will be destroyed afterwards. This is a very high level talent test that once used will gauge the talent of everyone caught within its area. The talents are subdivided into 4 from lowest to highest; Black, Grey, White, Colorful.


Every decade the sect faces a disaster that threatens to destroy everything. The cause of this catastrophe has always been unknown to the higherups of the sect and till this day they have always successfully averted the disaster. It requires all hidden dragon elders and the vice sect master working together to stop the catastrophe. The current catastrophe however is something so unprecedented that even the sect master was injured during an attempt to stop the catastrophe.

The Hidden Dragon Founder left behind a scroll as a last resort against the catastrophe in case such a situation where people could not use their own power to stop the disaster. This scroll was finally used to combat the most recent catastrophe, however upon activating the scroll it instead displayed a message in the sky. The message explained that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was actually meant to find and raise a powerhouse capable of saving the Martial World[23].

The Hidden Dragon Founder could not wait for this person to be found, but decided not to disband the sect due to the love its members had for it. Instead they developed a catastrophe as a test of very low difficulty, which could normally be very easily subdued. However in the event that the catastrophe could not be subdued, it meant that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was no longer necessary, and the sect should be disbanded immediately[23]. It is implied that the purpose of the sect had been fulfilled and is therefore no longer useful.