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Located in a Lower Realm. The strongest region with the limit being Martial Emperors.

The boundary energy is a kind of energy that separated the Holy Land of Martialism into many different sections. It was very similar to a world spirit formation. Yet, it was also different from it.

After the Ancient Era, there were five extremely powerful Martial Emperors that appeared in our Holy Land of Martialism. Edit

These five Martial Emperors are, respectively

Emperor Chi Chi Huangnian

Beast Emperor the Black Dragon King

Emperor Huang, Huangfu Shou

Emperor Gong, Gong Wumin

Emperor Qing Xuantian

five of the most powerful secret skills in the Holy Land of Martialism Edit

was created by the Five Elements Old Ancestor.

“The five of them are, respectively, the Gold Immortal Profound Technique, the Wood Immortal Profound Technique, the Water Immortal Profound Technique, the Fire Immortal Profound Technique and the Earth Immortal Profound Technique.”

Powers Edit

(Description in chapters 1011, 1460, 1548 and 1559)

There are several powers co-existing in the Holy Land of Martialism:

Nine Powers Edit

  1. Cyanwood Mountain
  2. World Spiritist Alliance
  3. Cursed Soil Sect
  4. Sword Crafting Villa
  5. Eight Desolate Mountain Range
  6. Ten Thousand Flowers Garden
  7. Jadewater Temple
  8. Golden Armor City
  9. Firerain Hall

Four Imperial Clans Edit

  1. Beitang Imperial Clan / Overlord Domain
  2. Nangong Imperial Clan / Overlord Domain
  3. Dongfang Imperial Clan / Overlord Domain
  4. Ximen Imperial Clan / Overlord Domain

Three Palaces Edit

  1. Mortal King Palace
  2. Underworld Palace
  3. Heavenly Law Palace

Ruler Empire Edit

Three Great Forbidden Areas Edit

Other Edit

Ten Immortals (Royal Cloak Dragon Mark World Spiritist) Edit

  1. White Browed Immortal (Deceased)
  2. World Spiritist Immortal Jie Ling
  3. Avaricious Immortal Ai Cai (Deceased)
  4. Snow Haired Immortal Xue Fa
  5. Compass Immortal Lou Pan
  6. Immortal Yin Yang (Deceased)
  7. Immeasurable Immortal Wu Liang (Zhan Cangtian) (Deceased)
  8. Weaponry Refinement Immortal Lian Bing
  9. World Devastating Immortal Mie Shi (Deceased)
  10. Heaven Reaching Immortal Tong Tian (The Previously Strongest)
  11. Demonic Genius Immortal (Chu Feng)

But there are more Dragon-Mark Royal Cloak Spiritists, like: Zhang Ming, Duan Jidao, Wang Qiang and more.

Five Great Evildoers Edit

  1. Evildoer Tie (The Weakest) (Deceased)
  2. Evildoer Jin (Three Big Evil People)(Deceased)
  3. Evildoer Yin (Three Big Evil People)(Deceased)
  4. Evildoer Tong (Three Big Evil People)(Deceased)
  5. Zhan Cangtian / Fights the Heaven (Leader)
    • Disciple / Son: Zhan Qiankun / Fights the World (Deceased)

Dark Hall Edit

Locations Edit

Domains Edit

The Holy Land of Martialism is divided by an energy barrier, the Boundary Energy.

  1. Overlord Domain
  2. Cyanwood Domain
  3. Alliance Domain
  4. Cursed Soil Domain
  5. Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain

Others Edit

  1. Far Away Snow Field
  2. Transmogrification Gate
  3. Wonderstone Dao Ground

Nine Powers Hunt Edit

This Nine Powers Hunt occurs once every three years

As for the hunting location, it is different each time, as each of the Nine Powers will take turns to host the hunt.

As for this time, the location of the hunt has been provided by the Cyanwood Mountain

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