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The Holy Light Clan or the Shengguang Clan is the overlord of the Holy Light Galaxy.


According to the Great Monster Slayer Emperor, in the past, the Holy Light Clan was not even considered one of the major powers of the galaxy. However, due to infighting the surrounding top powers killed each other off, with the Holy Light Clan being left alone as they were not deemed a threat. With most of the major powers gone, the Holy Light Clan used the opportunity to take over the galaxy.

Currently, the Holy Light Clan is so strong that even if the five other Upper Starfields were to join hands, they still wouldn't dare to challenge their might. However, while their position as ruler is relatively secure, they do not have the resources or strength to force the other Upper Starfields into complete subjugation, with the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect being able to maintain a degree of independence.

While the Holy Light Clan is the strongest power in the Holy Light Galaxy, they are relatively insignificant compared to the rulers or even upper tier powers of the other galaxies. The Blue Talisman Clan (a clan with significant status in the Nine Souls Galaxy) is said rival them, despite not even being the rulers of the Nine Souls Galaxy. They are also greatly inferior to the Immortal Sea Fish Clan, with Xianhai Shaoyu alone being capable of walking into the clan and forcibly taking one of their treasures with no opposition.

The current Holy Light Clan can be said to be a subsidiary clan of the Holy Valley as the members are people who could be seen as ancestors of the Holy Light Clan.