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the Icesnow Phoenixes’ past.   It turned out that there was actually a special reason why the Icesnow Phoenixes, this group of mysterious monstrous beast, were this powerful in the Holy Land of Martialism.

Like the Ancient Era’s Elves, the Icesnow Phoenixes were a race that had existed since the Ancient Era. They were products of the Ancient Era.   Although the Ancient Era was extremely far in the past, the records left behind by the Icesnow Phoenixes allowed them to know that they were not peak existences back then.

On the contrary, they were extremely weak and small in the Ancient Era. They were a small race that would frequently be bullied by others.

One day, the Icesnow Phoenixes offended an extremely powerful race in the Ancient Era, and nearly suffered the destruction of their entire race.

In the end, it was a human expert that saved them. Not only did that human expert save them, that expert had also taken upon himself the identity of an Icesnow Phoenix. That person began to stay with the Icesnow Phoenixes, and started to lead them on a path of conquest. That person allowed the Icesnow Phoenixes, a race that used to be bullied, to play a role in the Ancient Era.

Even though that person was a human, the Icesnow Phoenixes accepted that person as their Chief, and addressed that person as Chief the entire time.

However, one day, their human Chieftain suddenly left. Before leaving, that person took one of the Icesnow Phoenixes’ treasures, the Coldsnow Dagger, with him.

Furthermore, that person said to the Icesnow Phoenixes, “If someone is to come here with this Coldsnow Dagger and is surnamed Tantai, that person will be my descendant. Icesnow Phoenixes, you all must treat my descendant well.”

After many years had passed, that human Chieftain never reappeared, and his descendants never appeared either. However, the Icesnow Phoenixes remembered this matter the entire time. It was something that they remembered firmly, something that was passed down from their records.

By the words of their ancestors, they said, “Regardless of what cultivation that human Chieftain’s descendant might have, regardless of what sort of moral conduct his descendant might have, as long as his descendant is to come find us Icesnow Phoenixes with the Coldsnow Dagger, his descendant shall be our Chief and we shall obediently follow their every order.”

In fact, the reason why the Icesnow Phoenixes had guarded the Ten Thousand Miles Snow Domain the entire time was also because of their ancestors’ instructions.

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