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Jiang Qisha is from the Holy Land of Martialism. He is one of the 7 geniuses of the Cursed Soil Sect in the Cursed Soil Domain.

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Jiang Qisha, Wu Kunlun, Zhao Yuetian, and Kuang Bainian follow Tantai Xue into the Eastern Sea Region in order to capture and harm her but she stole a treasured flute from them. Jian Qisha "allies" himself with the Immortal Execution Archipelago in order to take over Misty Peak. He believes that there will be even more treasure inside the Misty Peak Mountain.

During the invasion, he was able to capture Chu Feng's group of friends when Lady Piaomiao was escaping. Jiang Qisha finds out that Zi Ling has a divine body and that it has been sealed by the Heaven Sealing Pellet and decides to marry her and rape her in order to obtain her Divine Body's power. Jiang Qisha decides to hold a wedding between him and Zi Ling to entrap Tantai Xue and Chu Feng (and to also get his brother back because he was captured by Tantai Xue).

In Jiang Qisha's final battle with Chu Feng, Jiang Qisha tried to used the Earthen Taboo—Slaughter of the Blood Moon. However, Chu Feng countered attacked with the Earthen Taboo—Firmament Slash. Jiang Qisha tried to plead for his life and promised to take Chu Feng into his sect, but Chu Feng killed him with the 5th slash of the Firmament Slash, cutting his body into four pieces (ch972).

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Cultivation Ranks Chapter
4th Rank Martial King 912

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