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Jie Ranqing is the most talented junior of her generation, she was able to suppress every other competitor with pure spirit power. She is also the mother of Chu Feng and the wife of Chu Xuanyuan. Jie Ranqing is of descent from an extremely powerful World Spiritist clan known as the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion that controls the Seven Realms Galaxy. Her clan's bloodline is peerless when it comes to spirit power quality and quantity, and her clan is dominant when it comes to world spiritual techniques.

Jie Ranqing's clan believes that having children with a different bloodline would result in impurities and lower their status. For this reason, her clan doesn't allow outsiders to marry members of the clan, much less have children with them. Such an action is considered a capital offence and the clansmen will be severely punished for it. Furthermore, the outsider will be hunted down along with the rest of their clan. This includes the child from both parties.

Jie Ranqing is considered to be a supreme genius and had extremely high authority. Her spiritual power and techniques could be considered divine. Thus, despite having committed an inexcusable crime, she could only be forced into house arrest.


According to Xue Ji, Jie Ranqing broke into the Asura Spirit World (which should be impossible) and captured two powerful world spirits to be sealed in Chu Feng's Spirit World. To signify her strength even more, Xue Ji also mentioned that Asura Spirit World being the strongest of all the Spirit Realms, contained heaven defying world spirits that could destroy several worlds and yet none of them could stop Jie Ranqing.

When Chu Feng was refining an Immortal Weapon (evolved), he exhausted all of his spirit power and was about to die. Jie Ranqing appeared in his dream and his spirit power erupted like crazy. Eggy and Li Yue'er were left shaken and even frightened after witnessing that crazy eruption of spirit power. They described it as "king level power".

In Chu Heavenly Clan forbidden area, Chu Feng asked his father to investigate his mother's seal. Chu Xuanyuan hinted that it was beyond even him to break such a powerful seal that was placed on Eggy. This clearly indicates that her spirit power and techniques are definitely above Chu Xuanyuan's.

Later we find out that Chu Xuanyuan is far stronger than the strongest person in the entire Holy Light Galaxy and exterminated a very powerful sect (comparable to Blue Talisman Clan and far stronger than the Holy Light Clan) in the Nine Souls Galaxy. Even then he expresses his helplessness to Old Ape when he admits that his current strength is not enough to rescue his wife. This explains the terrifying Power of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion and thereby Jie Ranqing's power since she is considered the strongest genius in the last 1000 years.

Jie Ranqing is considered the greatest talent in history in the vast world of martial cultivation. She can connect simultaneously with the seven worlds of the world spirit, in addition to being able to enter the world spirit world - the first case ever recorded. She can be considered the strongest specialist of the Palace of the Seven Worlds, whose spirit power quality surpassed the Master of the Palace[1]. The quality of her spirit power is considered divine even in the sacred mansion.

In the competition of talents who were born 500 years prior she did not even lift her finger and subdued every expert using just her purest spirit power alone. This quality of spirit power scared not only the juniors but also the seniors present then.

Shortly after Chu Feng's birth the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion declared that Jie Ranqing went into closed door seclusion, when in reality she was being detained as punishment for breaking one of their major rules by marrying Chu Xuanyuan and giving birth to Chu Feng. When Chu Feng left the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm his father told him that his mother loved him very much. When Old Ape told Chu Xuanyuan that if his wife knew about her son’s hardships she would slaughter her way through starfields to find her son.

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  • At present she is the only one introduced having capability of breaking into Spirit World.