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Jiuhun Miaomiao is a princess of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan and a close friend of Wang Yuxian.

Before returning to the Nine Souls Galaxy, she lived in the Holy Land of Martialism under the name Xian Miaomiao and was considered one of the greatest prodigies of the Ancient Elf Race.


She was born in the Holy Land of Martialism in the Holy Light Galaxy to the Elf King and an unknown woman from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. Her mother left shortly after her birth, but left behind a treasure that blessed her with nine lives.


Volume 4 - A New Journey[]

She first appears as a little girl, robbing disciples of Orion monastery near the ancient era’s pond. When she is caught and about to be abused, Chu Feng steps in and rescues her. In return, she gives Chu Feng her loot. When asked for her name, she playfully refuses and runs away. Later she secretly witnesses Chu Feng triggering the ancient era’s needle and breaking through to Martial King realm. She becomes fascinated by the event caused by his breakthrough and becomes interested in his abilities.

Volume 5 - The Battle of the Overlord Domain[]

A little princess from the Elf Kingdom who is a super genius rarely seen even in ten thousand years. She was already a Martial King when she was born. When she was ten years old, she became a Half Martial Emperor. As for her current age, she should only be a bit older than Moli.

She sacrifices one of her lives to save Chu Feng from the backlash of the Evil God Sword[1].

She loses another live because she is killed by the World Devastating Immortal[2].

Volume 7 - Return of the discarded Child[]

It was later revealed that she was taken by her mother’s clan members somewhere far away from the Holy Light Galaxy.

Volume 9 - Birth of Asura[]

She later reappears as the princess of Nine Souls Sacred Clan, now under the name Jiuhun Miaomiao. She is a good friend of Wang Yuxian, disciple of the Lady of Dao Sea. She visits her friend right after Chu Feng leaves and catches his scent, which appears familiar to her. However for some unknown reason, she does not recognises Chu Feng’s name and when she learns that he is from holy light galaxy, she reveals disdain since holy light galaxy is known as a place for weak cultivators.

She later meets Chu Feng in the Nine Souls Galaxy when he was being tortured by Princess Jiuhun Youyou[3]. Although she had lost her memory and his face was disfigured she immediately recognized his screams. This allowed her to regain her memories of him and their time in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm. Seeing the state Chu Feng was in instantly enraged her and she ordered the elders with her to immediately kill the Princess and everyone with her.[4]

She goes on to tell Chu Feng she and her clan are looking for a mysteriously powerful senior as the entire Nine Souls Galaxy is under of invaders from other galaxies. The only clue they have relating that that mysterious senior is a name she kept repeating, which was Hanxian. With this name Miaomiao decided to look into Chu Hanxian's cave to see whether she could find traces of the senior. Chu Feng goes on to tell her that Chu Hanxian is his grandfather and the mysterious senior is likely his grandmother but he has no idea where she is at the moment but vowed to help Miaomiao look for her.

After parting with Chu Feng in the Nine Souls Galaxy she was told by a mysterious old man that Chu Feng was in danger in the Holy Light Galaxy. She immediately gathered an army and rushed towards the Holy Light Galaxy so as to force the Holy Light Clan to release him.

Later it was rumored she was killed by her own mother, but after some investigation Chu Feng discovered her soul was placed inside her terminally ill cousin, Jiuhun Xiaoxiao's body to cure her. Chu Feng originally wanted to avenge Maiomiao by killing Xiaoxiao, until he learned that Xiaoxiao did not want to take her cousin's life and was forced to do so by her father, but intended to seperate Maiomaio's soul from her own and return it to her body after she found another cure for her illness.

Chu Feng then forced Yin Ren to reveal the separation formation he devised. Although Xiaoxiao was planning to use this formation after she found a cure for herself, Chu Feng insisted they use it now, promising to help cure her after. But during their attempt to separate the two souls, Chu Feng discovered that the 'seperation' formation actually had a hidden formation that would not only continue to bind Maiomaio, but would also bind Chu Feng. Chu Feng revealed Yin Ren's treachery and asked Xiaoxiao to help him kill Yin Ren, but she had been thoroughly decieved by Yin Ren and instead turned on Chu Feng, forcing him out of her soul. Unable to confront Yin Ren with his current strength, Chu Feng was forced to flee.
After Chu Feng fled Yin Ren revealed that he was actually Sima Xiangtu, and had captured the Ox-Nosed Old Daoist, intending to use Ox-Nosed, Miaomiao, Xiaoxiao, and Chu Feng's souls for his own cultivation.

But it turned out that Ox-Nosed Daoist is a True god. He killed Sima Xiangtu and left a message with Song Changsheng to deliver it to Chu Feng.

Song Changsheng went to the Nine souls clan ,helped Xian Miaomiao to leave Jiuhun Xiaoxiao's body, gave her the message to deliver it to Chu Feng and then she became his disciple.

 Martial Artist Cultivation[]

She has a special body that acts quite like Chu Feng's body. She only requires a resource without the need to sit and cultivate but she cannot handle the ferocious energies in Natural Oddities, which is why she is out and about to find Ancient Era's Immortal Flowers, which has purified energy.

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
1st Rank Half Martial Emperor 1586 4
2nd Rank Martial Emperor 1814 4
3rd Rank Martial Emperor 1885 4
5th Rank Martial Emperor 1930 5
6th Rank Martial Emperor 2028 5

World Spiritist Cultivation[]

Spirit Power Chapter
Royal Cloak Snake Mark


  • She introduces herself as Jiuhun Miaomiao in Volume 9