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Novel[edit | edit source]

Volume 6 - Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm[edit | edit source]

Challenged Chu Feng while he was in Kong Heavenly Clan's Territory as a Guest. However was humiliated when he was challenged by Chu Feng in World Spirit Techniques. He and his Father were subsequently punished by Kong ShunLian.

After exiting the punishment, Ruozeng and his father conspired to kill Chu Feng by framing him.

Killed by Chu Feng.

Martial Artist Cultivation[edit | edit source]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
9th Rank Half Martial Ancestor 2397 3 (+2)

World Spiritist Cultivation[edit | edit source]

Spirit Power Chapter
Gold Cloak 2398

References[edit | edit source]

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