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Li Ruochu was the oldest of the three siblings, and Li Yue’er was the youngest.”

“Unfortunately, on the day Li Yue’er was born, her parents ended up passing away.”

“Because of that, it was Li Ruochu who raised Li Ming and Li Yue’er.”

“The three siblings have an extremely good relationship. Reportedly, Li Ruochu left for another Upper Realm to train when Li Yue’er was five years old, and suddenly disappeared. From that point on, there has been no news from her at all. Because of that, people all say that she has died.”

That woman was wearing a long red skirt. She had a head of long black hair. Her hair was so long that it reached the end of her skirt, and was fluttering in the air together with her skirt.

That woman was extremely beautiful. Before her, all of the other beauties present lost their splendor.

If one were to pay close attention, one would notice that this woman’s appearance resembled Li Yue’er’s.

also held the title of being one of the Ancestral Martial Decastars in her youth. Furthermore, at that time, she was the strongest among them, chapter-3055

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Volume 7 - Return of the Discarded Child Edit

The eight people of the younger generation hesitated no more. One by one, they leapt into the air and flew toward the Upper Realm Gate.

“If you all are to encounter the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations, beating them back is enough. Do not kill them.” chapter-3054

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