The Life Span of cultivators increases with each cultivation realm. Some cultivation realms don't result in an increase in life span while others may results in a large gap in life span. For example, Martial Ancestors all the way to Martial Immortals all have a life span of around 10,000 years. However, Exalted realm cultivators enjoy a much larger life span; including the realms above. So far, there has been no limit in regards to the life span of cultivators. Treasure can also be used to increase life spans of cultivators. Some have stronger effects than others, and sometimes, only very rare treasures can truly increase the life span of cultivators who are close to death (ch 2627).

Treasures Edit

In the Nine Provinces, certain treasures may be used to increase the lifespan of souls so that they can pass on their mantle or find a way to resurrect into new bodies (example: Azure Founder).

In the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng collected hundreds of apples that increase the life span of cultivators by 100 years per apple.

In the Hundred Ordinary Refining Realm, Chu Feng refined the "Ginseng King of Evil" while being possessed by the evil god sword, which increased his overall life span by 10,000 years.

Life Span of Chu Feng Edit

Once Chu Feng reached True Immortal Realm, he had an average life span of 10,000 years. Including the Ginseng King of Evil, his overall life span was 20,000 years. It is unknown if he will ever use the apples he gained from the Holy Land of Martialism (he only gave a small portion of his apple treasures to some of the alliance members within the Holy Land to show his sincerity).

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