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Long Ao is the Clan Chief of the Dragon Clan which is located in the Totem Starfield (one of the Six Upper Starfields in the Holy Light Galaxy). Long Ao is extremely domineering and callous meaning he will justify any means necessary no matter how ruthless or unconventional to achieve his ambitions.


The first thing that came to his eye was the black-haired elder sitting in the main seat of the room. He had a lanky figure, but his eyes felt like those of a carnivorous beast, commanding deference from others naturally even though he wasn't releasing any oppressive might at all. He out-shadowed every single person in this room in terms of presence.


An opportunist.


Volume 9 - Birth of Asura[]

Long Ao originally paid no heed to Chu Feng and Ox-Nosed Old Daoist's presence in the Dragon Clan until Supreme Elder Long Duan emphasized their talent in World Spirit techniques as this could aid in the Dragon Clan's pursuit in unsealing the bloodline powers located within the Dragon Vein Source inside the Dragon Clan's Ancestral Grounds.

Long Ao originally wanted Long Mumu to accompany Chu Feng into the Dragon Clan Ancestral Grounds, however due to the conflict between Long Mumu and Long Xiaoxiao, he eventually settled on Chu Feng bringing Long Xiaoxiao into the Dragon Vein Source to acquire the bloodline powers in the Dragon Vein Source. Later, it is found out that the bloodline powers actually originate from a set of remnant True Dragon bones.

Long Xiaoxiao then fuses with the skeleton of the True Dragon, therefore removing her inferior status (compared to Long Mumu) and elevating her status in the hearts of Long Ao and the other Dragon Clan clansmen. Long Ao then kills Long Mumu and Long Mumu's mother as a sign of Long Xiaoxiao's irreplaceable status.

Volume 10 - Conferred God of the Chu Clan[]


Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter
3rd Rank Martial Exalted 4340