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Long Lin is a mysterious cultivator that was freed from captivity in the Holy Land of Martialism by Chu Feng.

His origins are unknown but he should possess a considerable reputation throughout the Starry Sky. He also possesses a very pure Dragon Bloodline, characterized by the two dragon horns on his head.


That person was flickering with light and appeared like a strand of consciousness. That person was wearing a blue robe, and had a pair of dragon horns. As for the appearance of this person, it was neither an old man nor an old lady. Instead, it was a middle aged man.

He had a deep gaze and some beard stubble. His appearance was quite handsome, in a mature way.


Volume 4 - A New Journey[]

Long Lin was bound by the tree in the ancient era remnant in Cyanwood Mountain. He kidnapped Yao'er and told Chu Feng to come back after reached the Half Martial Emperor realm.

Volume 5 - The Battle of the Overlord Domain[]

After Chu Feng came back with Martial half emperor cultivation, Long Lin made Chu Feng challenge a palace where Chu Feng acquired his blue bow. Long Lin then released Yao'er, but before Yao'er managed to leave she was captured again, and Long Lin told Chu Feng to came back when he reached the Martial Emperor realm. After Chu Feng came back with Martial Emperor cultivation, Long Lin asked Chu Feng to release him from captivity[1]. He then gave Chu Feng the Heaven Taboo:Void Splitting Blade to learn.

As Chu Feng was about to leave, he asked what clan he was from, seeing through his bloodline and knowing that he was not someone who was born in the Lower Realm. Upon being informed that he was from the Chu Heavenly Clan, he paid no heed to it, though advised Chu Feng not to spread the word of his existence when he leaves for the Outer World, lest it incur a disaster.

Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
Unknown Cultivation 1481


  • Long Lin's dragon horns are a sign of an exceptionally powerful dragon bloodline. No one in the Holy Light Galaxy has horns like his (with the exception of Long Xiaoxiao), meaning that he is likely from the Totem Galaxy.

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