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Long Xiaoxiao is one of the daughters of Long Ao and a Princess of the Dragon Clan. Her standing in the clan was formerly lower then that of Long Mumu, but after absorbing the True Dragon Skeleton with the help of Chu Feng and Ox-Nosed Old Daoist she becomes the prime talent of the clan and its true heir.

Her talent after evolving her Dragon Bloodline is said to surpass that of Shengguang Yu, which makes her the most talented genius in the Holy Light Galaxy, second to Chu Feng. Ox-Nosed Old Daoist speculates that if she were to be properly nurtured and had time to grow, the Dragon Clan would one day rule the Holy Light Galaxy.


Long Xiaoxiao has a head of long black hair tied into two ponytails that gives off a slightly mischievous look. However, her large black eyes looked very mature, a complete contrast to her appearance.

After absorbing the True Dragon Skeleton she grows a pair of dragon horns on her head.


Long Xiaoxiao is a incredibly playful and mischievous girl, which a few have found odd for someone of her status. She constantly puts on a pouty and childish attitude when associating with Chu Feng and is very forward in her attempts to make him fall in love with her. She also very competitive, but in a lighthearted way as seen when she constantly teases Xianhai Xin'er for being so passive when she noticed that she also had feelings for Chu Feng.

However, she can be ruthless to those she dislikes as she made Long Tonghe swallow the poison pill he intended for Chu Feng, which caused him to be endlessly tortured for the rest of his life. She also immediately suggested death to all the members of the Flying Feathers Sect when she learned that they had offended and even tried to kill Chu Feng.


Volume 9 - Birth of Asura[]

Long Xiaoxiao made her first appearance when Chu Feng was at the Zuoqiu Heavenly Clan attempting to breakthrough to the Utmost Exalted realm. Her purpose here is to observe Chu Feng's Divine Lightning Affliction with Long Shengbu.

The next time we see Long Xiaoxiao she disguises herself as a boy named Long Xiao in Endless Abyss and pretended to be weak in front of Chu Feng. She told a fake story about how her father was ill and that she was traveling with her grandfather Long Busheng.

When Long Xiaoxiao approaches Chu Feng with her real identity, she proposes a condition to Chu Feng (something connected to her family as something happened to her mother) in order to let Long Daozhi return to the Dragon Clan. When Chu Feng agrees, she brings him to see other people, but when she knew Chu Feng was unable to use his World Spiritist's power, she let him go instead got angry at him. Chu Feng felt guilty and he promised to make up to her in the future.

Long Xiaoxiao is in love with Chu Feng because he changed both her and her mothers fate and position within the Dragon Clan. Thanks to the interference of Ox-Nosed Old Daoist and Chu Feng, she was able to enter the clans Dragon Vein Source and fuse with the skeleton and essence of a True Dragon, transforming her Bloodline and increasing talent. She has now become the sole hope for the future of the Dragon Clan due to her now limitless potential.

After Chu Feng returns to the Dragon Clan with the Natural Oddity that can assist Ox-Nosed Old Daoist heal his injuries it is revealed that Long Xiaoxiao cultivation was no longer a 4th Rank Utmost Exalted, but had increased to 6th Rank Utmost Exalted. This sudden increase was due to her completely fusing with the Dragon Skeleton and Essence power, thereby drastically increasing her potential and talent. Ox-Nosed Old Daoist even said that with her current talents the Holy Light Galaxy might not be able to contain her.

Later she goes with Chu Feng and members of her clan to the Nine Souls Galaxy to compete with other members of the younger generation from their Holy Light Galaxy, as the one person who wins will be able to ask for anything from a very powerful cultivator known as Godwish Grandmother. Due to Chu Feng's appearance being disfigured he was ridiculed by the other competitors, something that greatly angered Xiaoxiao. However she was restrained by Chu Feng and told not to cause any problems for herself.

To take the test that would decide the winner of the competition groups of 4 were created with each group holding 2 people. Xiaoxiao was later grouped together with Yu Hong, much to her displeasure as she wanted to be grouped with Chu Feng. The test involved the competitors aptitude with spirit formations, as the first person to decipher the tablet and find the key would be the winner of their group. Xiaoxiao ended up as the winner of her group but was later helped by Chu Feng when he told her to give him her key, an action that drew the ire of the other competitors. It was later revealed that the key to passing the test wasn't being the first person to crack the formation and obtain the key, but willingly giving your key to someone else, a fact only Chu Feng knew. This means the only winners were Chu Feng and Xiaoxiao.

Later she was able to use the cultivation lake provided by the Godwish Grandmother as the reward for passing the test. By cultivating in the lake for 3 days she was able to achieve a breakthrough and advance to 7th Rank Utmost Exalted. It was then revealed that the cultivation lake was another test, as the person who was slower to reach a breakthrough will have the chance to ask anything of the Godwish Grandmother (Chu Feng took only an hour to reach his breakthrough). She asked the Godwish Grandmother to fix Chu Feng's face back to how it should be, a gesture which moved Chu Feng.

When the tournament of the younger generation is held in the Rampaging Storm Clan's Territory she challenges the Black Robed Youth for insulting Chu Feng. Despite losing, she is praised for her talent by the youth who states that her talent surpasses even that of Shengguang Yu, who was supposed to be the greatest talent in the galaxy. After the end of the tournament, she was awarded a large amount of Holy Light Essence for her performance. At the same time, the higher ups of the Holy Light Clan were making a deal with her father and mother to have her marry Shengguang Yu, who had taken a fancy to her (and also to suppress her growth as she was more talented then him).

Volume 10 - The Conferred God of the Chu Heavenly Clan[]

Later she was diagnosed with an extremely strange illness, which prompted her father to take her to Totem Galaxy as she was pointing to it during her coma state.[1]

Martial Artist Cultivation[]

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
4th Rank Utmost Exalted 0(+1)
6th Rank Utmost Exalted 4407 0(+2)
7th Rank Utmost Exalted 4436 0(+2)