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Magma Emperor was a Son of Magma that crossed the boundary energy between the Magma Realm and Holy Land of Martialism by unknown means and went on a bloody rampage in his quest to become the Overlord of the Holy Land of Martialism over ten thousand years ago.With a cultivation of rank one Half Martial Ancestor he slaughtered all those who opposed him and those he just did not like or found annoying.His reign of terror ended when he fought Qing Xuantian. During their epic battle a spatial tear opened and they were transported to the Eastern Sea Region. There Qing Xuantian ended it by using his 4 guardian beasts created by his divine body to seal the Magma Emperor away.Their he remained until Chu Feng needing the help of the 4 guardian beasts broke the seal to restore the 4 guardian beasts back to their original bodies.The Magma Emperor wanted to pick up where he left off but was stopped by Chu Feng.As Chu Feng's inherited bloodline allowed him to drain the Magma Emperor of his natural energies and refine them to increase his own cultivation.After that Chu Feng used his spirit techniques to fully seal the Magma Emperor's body and soul. And Chu Feng then went on to fully refine and infuse the Magma Emperor's soul into a imperial armament to transform into a incomplete ancestral armament.Dubbing the armament the Magma Emperor Sword.Even after the Magma Emperor's Soul was refined he still retained his consciousness and tried to kill Chu Feng only to fail and be forced into submission becoming Chu Feng's first and personal incomplete ancestral armament. A thing of note just before his soul was refined he tried to get the guardian beasts to help him by saying that Qing Xuantian had betrayed them and humans were untrustworthy.He further said it was Qing Xuantian was the one that helped him cross the boundary energy because they made a deal.Qing Xuantian would help him crossover to the Holy Land of Martialism and he in return would help Qing Xuantian gain a new and more powerful divine body.It is unknown to date how much of this is true as there is no way to confirm what he said.

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Killed by Chu Feng.

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Cultivation Ranks Chapter
1st Rank Half Martial Ancestor 2095

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