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Martial skills are the techniques used by martial cultivators. The skills have various effects when used. Regular martial skills are ranked 1 through 9. Most martial skills could condense spiritual energy to an object outside of one’s body, but to change spiritual energy into a substance such as lightning and to approach the original form in terms of appearance and essence, only rank 5 martial skills could do that.[1] Thus from rank five on wards it become even more difficult to cultivate.

Higher skills than rank 9 take on a whole new ranking system. The most unique and powerful martial skills are secret skills.

Most common martial skills are used in combat between martial cultivators but also can be used for other purposes like traveling and healing. Martial skills can increase all physical attributes of the user as well as go greatly beyond their limits but not without cost (for example check Murderous 7-Injuring Fists below).

The greater the benefit during combat the greater the cost. If a martial cultivator tries to use a high ranked martial skill before they are truly ready this could destroy their cultivation and body leaving them crippled for the rest of their lives. The most severe cost though is the cultivator dies.

Name Class Rank Users Difficulty** Extra Remarks
Three Thunder Styles[2] Attack


4 Chu Feng 5/5 After mastering: Lightning speed. Thunderous power. As strong as a rank 5 skill.
Illusionary Palm[3] Attack 3? Chu Feng 4/5 Using the power of the wind from the palm to formlessly control the enemy.
Hundred-Armed Fists Attack 1 Chu Zhen 1/5 If mastered, it would be very strong.[4]
Body of Steel Strenghtening


Chu Cheng One would be almost invincible while physically battling a person of the same level. [Chapter 13]
(unnamed) Fierce boxing technique Attack 2 Chu Xun 2/5
Imperial Sky Technique Lightness Skill* 7 Chu Feng 5/5 When mastered one can fly without entering Heaven Realm.
Transformation of the Golden Lion Strengthening skill 4 Situ Yu 4/5 Neither sword nor spear can harm him and neither water nor fire can invade him.[5]
Meteor Sword Technique Attack 4 Jian Fengyi 4/5 Creates sword gases that break through the air like meteors sealing the enemy's path foward.[1]
Bow of Hundred Transformations Attack 5 Chu Feng 5/5 Expel spiritual energy out of the body and condense it into weapons for battle. A top rank skill book.[6]
Stone Fists Attack 3 Ma family Master 3/5 Attack with the fist like huge boulders while hiding the sky and covering the ground.[7]
Five Poison Hand Attack 3 Li family Master 3/5 A very dark and fierce martial skill.[8]
Layers of Blurred Shadows Lightness Skill* 4 Wind Listener Disciple 4/5 Surround your enemies from every single direction; advance and retreat at will.[9]
Meteor Palm Technique Attack 4 Chen Wanxi, Ding Chou 4/5 Strike your enemies with golden palms as swift as shooting stars[10]
Golden Armor Steel Body Strengthening Skill 4 Lingyun School Disciples, Ding Chou 4/5 Become an indestructible battle god made out of gold and copper.[11] Skill unique to Lingyun School.
Murderous 7-Injuring Fists[12] Attack 5 Ding Chou 5/5 Top rank skill. There are 7 layers to the skill. Each layer can stimulate hidden strength within one’s body and gain power that exceeds the standard. However every layer will do a certain amount of damage to the body. At 7th layer one gains enormous powers, when that power disappears, they will be paralyzed and lose all their cultivation.[13]
Illusionary Body Attack 6 Shangguan Tian 5/5 Create Illusory copies of oneself.[14]
Sky-breaking Punch[15] Attack Na Murong Yanguan Na
Half-Moon Chop Attack 5 Wu Jiu 5/5 Need to use a sword, if successful, the sword energy would be like a half-moon. Dazzling, beautiful, and oppressing.[16]
Fatal Strike Attack 5 Wu Jiu 5/5 Comparable to rank 6 martial skills.[17]
Heaven Dog’s Meteor Fist Attack 5 Yangzi Heaven Dog’s Meteor Fist attacked with noise pollution that was like the howling of wild dogs.[18]
Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry
Attack 7 Void Zhenren, Chu Feng 5/5 If it was mastered, it could be comparable to rank 8 martial skills.[19]
Qilin Shield Defense


6 Lin Ran 5/5 An indestructible shield, an invincible sharp weapon.[20]
Cold Ice Atmosphere Offense


Lin Ran, Gong Luyun Extreme cold gas takes life; controlled by profound energy.[21][22]
Heaven Descending Divine Palm Offense 6 Dugu Aoyun 5/5
Ten Thousand Galloping Horses Offense 5 Gong Luyun 5/5 Top quality martial skill within rank 5.[23]

*I've used Lightness Skill here for clarity, translated as Bodily Martial Skill in the official translation (which sounds awkward)

**Difficulty as in within it's rank (eg: "A" is the easiest in rank 5 while "X" is the most difficult in rank 5; resulting in "A" getting 1/5 and "X" getting 5/5 in this scale)


Mortal Taboo Martial Skills[]

In the Eastern Sea Region, Mortal Taboo Martial Skills were relatively numerous. However, Earthen Taboo Martial Skills were much rarer.

Earthen Taboo Martial Skill[]

In the Holy Land of Martialism, Earthen Taboo Martial Skills were relatively numerous. However, Heaven Taboo Martial Skills were much rarer.

Heaven Taboo Martial Skill[]

These martial skills are easy to acquire in the ordinary realms. Emperor Taboo Martial Skills are harder to find.

Emperor Taboo Martial Skill[]

Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill[]

Immortal Taboo Martial Skill[]

Exalted Taboo Martial Skill[]

These martial skills are ranked 1-9 and have colors for each rank.Those colors are white,gray,silver,cyan,blue,purple,red,black, and gold.Ones cultivation must reach a certain level to train in Exalted Taboos.Rank 1-3 Exalted,ranks 4-6 Utmost Exalted,Ranks 7-9 Martial Exalted

1st Rank was White.

2nd Rank was Gray.

3rd Rank was Silver.

4th Rank was Cyan.

5th Rank was Blue.

6th Rank was Purple.

7th Rank was Red.

8th Rank was Black.

9th Rank was Gold.