Murong Xinyu, the eldest daughter of the current master of the White Tiger Villa. From when she was born, she was unable to cultivate. However, she was an extremely smart person.

The girl had snow-like skin, white with smoothness and although her appearance could not be matched with the beauties of the country, she still had a unique demeanor. The most important thing was that her figure was extremely good. Her front and her rear, they were well developed, smooth, and round. In addition to her pair of pencil-like straight long legs, she had a devil-like body that was comparable to Su Rou.[1]

Novel Edit

Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity Edit

White Tiger Villa (142–152)

She went deep into the White Tiger Mountain Range and stopped in a forest to offer sacrifice for her mother. For this she was accompanied by several servants, Manager Zhang and Chu Feng. There she and the rest were surrounded and were assailed by unknown forces; later found out to be people from her uncles faction. She was saved by Chu Feng and was brought back to the Villa where she entered the Lifeline with him in order to save her father.

Reference Edit

  1. Chapter 146 - Assassins Within the Woods
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