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She is one of the two strongest disciples in the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden. Obtained first place with her sister in the last Nine Powers Hunt.

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These two beautiful sisters were truly very beautiful. Their facial features were very delicate, their height very tall and they also possessed very beautiful curves. The two of them could simply be considered to be perfect.

Especially the refined airs that they were emitting and their beautiful manner of dressing, the two of them simply appeared like celestial fairies. From a single glance, one’s heart would be tempted by them. When men saw them, they would not be able to contain themselves from taking several more glances at them.

First seen when the Nine Powers gather together for the Hunt. She later goes and challenges Chu Feng with her sister in his residence. She ends up losing against him, even though Nie Wan and Nie Xi both used their Divine Bodies. She is later seen inside the Ancient Era Remnant land with 8 banner key, won after defeating all other powers and obtaining their keys. After Chu Feng arrives, she hands her keys to him.

Later after the Hunt, Qin Wentian arrives at the Ten Thousand Flower Garden residence to challenge Nie Wan and Nie Xi. Although they go full power at the beginning, they are easily defeated after one blow from Qin Wentian. Nie Wan and Nie Xi is later seen thanking Chu Feng, as he warned them that Qin Wentian was hiding his powers as a 9th Rank Martial King when in reality he was a 1st Rank Half Martial Emperor.

Martial Artist CultivationEdit

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
9th Rank Martial King 1464 3
1st Rank Half Martial Emperor 1712 3

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