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Martial God Asura Wikia

The Nine Provinces Continent was said to only have appeared in the recent thousand years.

The Nine Provinces Continent is a tiny continent which is actually smaller than most islands in the Sea Regions.

Before them, there were Nine Martial Families who controlled each province. Fortunately for the Qing Family and unfortunately for the rest, a genius appeared in the former family who quickly broke through the realms and united the continent.

The continent is home to more than 4 Emperor Tombs and an Asura Tower, with more than seven floors.

The rulers of the Nine Provinces Continent are the Jiang Dynasty, who possess the Royal Bloodline.

Most of the experts drift between the peak of the Profound Realm and the pinnacle of the Heaven Realm.

This continent rarely produces Martial Lord Realm experts, proven by the Azure Dragon Founder.

Nine Provinces[]