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"I can tell you outright that our generation is the most outstanding generation ever since the inception of the world of cultivation."
Zhang Yingxiong to Chu Feng, Chapter 4670

The Nine Sons of Fate are nine junior cultivators who are prophesised to be responsible for stopping the oncoming catastrophe posed to the Starry Sky[1].

It is currently unknown the reason why nine juniors will be responsible, and not nine elders who have trained for years and reached the peak of martial cultivation.


Members are found using the Immemorial Fate Stone, in which three tests of Talent, Fate and Potential are conducted. Only people who manage to pass all three tests, and produce all three lights associated with those tests are deemed one of the Nine Sons of Fate.

In the entire Starry Sky, there are only nine juniors who could display all three lights in the stones tests[1].

Known Members


The details of the catastrophe are currently unknown, however it is noted that the illusion produced by the Immemorial Fate Stone in the test of Fate is a representation of what is to come. In the illusion the rivers run red with blood, the sky turns red and mountains of corpses litter the land.