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Old Ape is the sworn brother of Chu Xuanyuan and he possess a fierce and rough demeanor, however it should be noted Old Ape is a sentimental and kind-hearted individual. Old Ape's origin is currently unknown, however Chu Xuanyuan has mentioned Old Ape was extremely powerful before he suffered an injury of some sort, which is hindering his martial prowess.


As thin as a match, the ape wore ragged clothing over its dishevelled fur. Due to its visibly poor state and frailty, the old thing looked as if it were on its deathbed.

However, Chu Feng detected a near untraceable fierceness hidden within the old ape’s lifeless eyes, fierceness that could only come from experiencing a certain amount of suffering and reality. Chu Feng was currently very far away from acquiring such a thing.


Not much is known about Old Ape's personality outside of matters concerning Chu Feng, but when his 'nephew' is involved Old Ape adopts a very paternal attitude towards him, treating him as his own son. He tends to be more concerned about Chu Feng than his own father, Chu Xuanyuan as when Old Ape witnessed the Demon Morph Clan try and capture Chu Feng, he flew into a rage and wanted to massacre everyone there.


Well before the events of the novel, Old Ape met Chu Xuanyuan. Despite his slightly subservient attitude towards Chu Xuanyuan, he is posed as a brother to him and willingly follows him throughout the starry sky.

It is unknown if Old Ape stayed in the Chu Heavenly Clan's Forbidden Area from the very start with Chu Xuanyuan, however he was there for at least enough time to receive similar benefits and cultivation growth as Chu Xuanyuan.


Volume 3 - Eastern Sea Region[]

Chu Feng meets the Old Ape shortly after he is rescued by the Dog-Headed Statue while traveling on the Heavenly Road. It initially ignored Chu Feng despite the latter's many questions[1]. Then after Chu Feng displayed his courage to the Old Ape (willing to die for Eggy)Old Ape was willing to accept Chu Feng. After an abbreviated discussion where the Old Ape told Chu Feng some things about his past without revealing too much (he was forbidden by his Chu Xuanyuan) the Old Ape sent Chu Feng to the Holy Land of Martialism[2].

Volume 6 - Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm[]

“No. They were driven insane because they were unable to endure my power, and received a mental breakdown from the punishment.” Punished Exalted Sacred Tiger,Exalted Sacred Deer and Murdergod Blue Demon

“Speaking of it, it is all thanks to your Chu Heavenly Clan’s remnant that I was able to obtain my current level of cultivation”[3]

Volume 9 - The Birth of Asura[]

The Demon Morph Clan assembled a force of a million cultivators to eliminate all life throughout the entire Holy Light Galaxy. The reason they took such a fierce action was due to the fact that they heard there was a Treasure Space capable of evolving the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline somewhere in the Holy Light Galaxy (Chu Heavenly Clan's Forbidden Area). Before they could take action, Old Ape and Chu Xuanyuan imprisoned all of them and stripped them of their bloodlines via torture. Within the Black Box (seized from the Holy Light Clan) Xianhai Renhu and three hundred other members of the Demon Morph Clan wanted to strip Chu Feng of his Heavenly Lightning Bloodline (after witnessing his Berserk Bloodline).

Luckily, Old Ape and Chu Xuanyuan appeared before they could take action. Old Ape was incensed by the actions of this group from the Demon Morph Clan, so he released his oppressive might and ruthlessly slaughtered an individual in this group. Chu Xuanyuan then proceeded to imprison Xianhai Renhu and his group of misfits. Chu Xuanyuan then informed Old Ape they would be leaving the Holy Light Galaxy and that they wouldn't be returning. Old Ape was reluctant to leave, as he at least wanted to inform Chu Feng of their plans and bestow Chu Feng a protective treasure but he knew Chu Xuanyuan wouldn't abide by his wishes.

Martial Artist Cultivation[]

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