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Old Cat is a mysterious existence that Chu Feng met in the Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm. He currently holds Xue Ji as his personal slave after capturing her from Chu Feng.



Very carefree attitude, doesn't honor promises. Cunning and lacks empathy. It knows what it is dealing with.


Volume 6 - Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm[]

During Chu Feng's attempt to find Zhan Haichuan's tomb, an ugly talking yellow cat called out to him to tell him that it was useless - that he was incompetent and would never be able to find the tomb. This Old Cat had been trapped in the Hundred Refining Ordinary Realm's Sun Cloud Valley's forbidden zone for almost 2000 years. However, after baiting Chu Feng into using the spirit formation that he drew, the Old Cat was released. Upon his release, he decides to kill and torture Tuoba Shangshui for Chu Feng only to then turn back on him and cause him to feel the same torment. If it weren't for Milady Queen's special healing technique, Chu Feng would have most likely died.

Before his release, the Old Cat tells Chu Feng that he is the founder of the Temple of Buddha "Lord Tiger" and that he should find 10 Dragon Mark level Immortal-cloak World Spiritists to free him[1]. However, Chu Feng doesn't trust the Old Cat and wants to know the location of the tomb. The Old Cat explained a formation so that Chu Feng could get to the tomb thus honouring his previous agreement with the Sunset Cloud Valley's headmaster[2].

The Old Cat then tells Chu Feng that he has already robbed Zhan Haichuan's tomb which in turn activated the defence formation for his tomb previously trapped him. The Old Cat turned out to be extremely powerful and ran away after suppressing Chu Feng, almost killing him in the process if it were not for Milady Queen.

Much later the Old Cat met Chu Feng right after he had retrieved the bamboo slip for Golden Crane. The Old Cat showed Chu Feng that Xue Ji was no longer evil however she was now in chains with a hollow expression, powerless. This showed Xue Ji is being held in captivity as his slave. Once again, the Old Cat suppressed Chu Feng with his pressure and disappeared[3]. Because of the trial in taking the bamboo slip, Chu Feng damage his spirit power making him not use his spirit power to the max.

Martial Artist Cultivation[]