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He was wearing a crimson gown. However, most importantly, that old man had an appearance akin to a ghost. He was truly frightening.

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Volume 5 - The Battle of the Overlord Domain Edit

Nangong Ya’s father wanted Nangong Ya to make headway in world spiritist techniques at the same time as he learned martial cultivation. Thus, sparing no effort, he paid high prices and gathered a lot of powerful world spirit techniques, and even invited this Old Daoist Ghost Face to teach Nangong Ya world spirit techniques.
However, who would’ve thought that after that Old Daoist Ghost Face saw all those world spirit techniques, he was corrupted with selfish desire. Not only did he seize the opportunity to steal all of the world spirit techniques that Nangong Ya’s father had spent great wealth to purchase, he even killed the people of our Nangong Clan while doing so.

The most despicable thing is that before this Old Daoist Ghost Face left, he even raped Nangong Ya’s blood older sister. Unable to bear the humiliation, Nangong Ya’s older sister killed herself. At that time, Nangong Ya saw all of that with his own eyes.

Martial Artist Cultivation Edit

Cultivation Ranks Chapter HDBP
6th Rank Half Martial Emperor 1579 1

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Spirit Power Chapter
Royal Cloak - Snake Mark 1579

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